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  • The Ultimate Crafter's Companion Pro

    has anyone got this ??
    is it any good , easy to use ???
    am thinking of buying one but not really sure

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    Is this the pink one that folds open. If it is I've got that one.

    I used it a lot in the beginning but now mostly just use it for box making and occasionally use the back of it for card folds and scoring lines.

    Depends how much of it you think you will actually use.
    I'm not much good at the embossing bits so don't use that part at all and tried the envelope maker and envelobox bit but found that the sizes they gave you were a bit out. Did use the bow maker a lot over Christmas.


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      we were looking at the separate envelope maker and box maker which are going to cost around £26 for both ( before my lovely hobbycraft discount ) so wondered if it was worth investing the extra money to get all the extras. the bow maker would be handy , the scoring bit and it cuts as well doesn't it
      its £40 and I would get £10 off that plus I still have a £10 voucher from christmas so it would really only cost me £20
      what about the pop out cards and K cards it mentions ( whats a k card ??? lol ) are they any good ?
      and yes it is the pink fold out one


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        I've never tried one of the pop out cards and I think the k card is a tri fold card with the extra bit in the middle.

        Here's an example ....

        It gives you all the score lines for these on one side of the board.

        When you open it out flat there is a cutting bit in the middle.

        As I say, it really depends how much you'll use all the different sections as to whether it would be cost effective for you or not.

        Personally, for me, I wouldn't buy it again if I knew how little I was going to use most of it.
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          I'v got one. I have used the box maker which is good along with the enveloper, but I have a question there are the instructions with differant size envelopes, but if the card is not the same as the instructions how do you work it out. I just can't get my head around it.


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            I think you can only make the envelopes that are on the instructions eg of your card was a 4 1/2" square then you would make the 5" square envelope. I haven't had to make any size envelope other than what's in the booklet so not sure how you would work out a custom made size of your own sorry.


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              Thank you for that krafty. I'll stick to the sizes on the instruction sheet.


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                I have got one, but hardly ever use it to be honest.


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                  I've got the bits separately myself and so to have this would have saved a bit I think. Zoe, I *think* Sarah, the lady who demonstrates this on the telly, mentioned it a while back and from what I understood was that you place the card in the middle of your piece of envelope paper and score around it, and as long as the horizontal and vertical scored lines in each of the 4 corners overlap eachother then you've made an envelope, because if they overlap then they should be big enough to cover the card in the middle...I think! That's not a very good explanation, and she explains it much better - obviously! And no, I haven't experimented myself yet, sorry.
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                    I'm sooooooooooooo thick. Thank you for this. I will copy this to make sure I never forget. My brain is mush I can't remember anything.


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                      HI I did buy the first one they did. I did not think it was worth the money, and sent it back,plus it takes up a lot of room.
                      I have just got the box maker, it is also a card size scorer.
                      The thing is we are all not the same in our thinking.What is good for one
                      maynot be good for another.