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    Hi Ladies
    i have been in hospital for the past 5 days having back surgery. Can anybody suggest anything I can do whilst in bed (to replace card making ) apart from the obvious mind you the obvious isn't possible either lol. Can only do this for a few minutes. Any suggestions.

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    Bless your heart, it is so boring when you cant do anything crafty isnt it?!

    Are you able to sit up at all or is it a case of being flat on your back all day?

    Maybe you could get some audio books to listen to (easier than holding a book in bed), dvds to watch, if you've got a laptop you could watch youtube videos (of crafty things!) or catch up tv.

    If you can sit up a bit, maybe you could do something a little bit crafty, like choose papers and embellishments that go together ready for when you CAN make cards again, or flick through card magazines looking for ideas and tearing out the ones you like for inspiration. There are some card making magazines you can buy and read online if you cant get hold of any.

    I hope you are soon on your feet again x


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      Oh poor you, wish you a speedy recovery.
      When I was sofa bound during my pregnancy due to back problems I took up cross stitch. I only did little ones, so I didnt get too bored. I then framed them all and put in the nursery. They might make good pictures for your cards?


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        Poor you. I'm afraid I really can't think of anything! I've been trying to rack my brains for ideas of things to do for when I'm in hospital for the birth of my baby, I know I'll get quite bored with nothing to do but I am unable to think of anything that I could do!! I don't know if knitting is a useful idea, or maybe you could jot down some ideas for cards while lying there in bed?
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