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Casting Resin Disaster

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  • Casting Resin Disaster

    Ok. I didnt spill it and ruin the carpet, lol.

    I spent about £25 on some jewelry ring moulds. I got polyester clear casting resin. I mixed it with 3% catalyst as directed, mixed for a minute and poured it into the moulds. The next day, the polyester is still runnyish. Later on, its hardened up, but is sticky. I took it from the moulds, expecting on the side that dried exposed to air to be sticky, but the whole thing was really slimy and tacky. I rubbed it over with a cloth and acetone, but it wont come off, the cloth just stuck to it! I added a little more acetone. But no joy.

    I dont understand what I did wrong. Maybe the room wasnt hot enough? I was embedding small poly clay canes in fruit designs, could it have been anything to do with them? Did I not wait long enough?

    Help! Lol

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    Ive tried the resiin that you have to add a few drops to.Its a nightmare to get the ratio exact so I went for a half and half resin, that way you can measure it out more easily and it worked alot better.

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      I found another thread with this post about resin.
      Originally posted by Glitterbug View Post
      There is a casting resin that doesn't smell too much, I think, but I can't remember what it's called. Once it's been cast, resin jewellery needs a lot of finishing by rubbing down with wet and dry and then polishing with a polishing mop or similar. It's not as easy as it looks.
      It looks like you have done nothing wrong and that is how some of them turn out.



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        I have always failed miserably with resin & now given up!


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          If you want a good book take a look here Pennydog Jewellery

          Kerry is fantastic at plastic (well resin) or even contact her I'm sure she won't mind.


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            Thank you

            Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one ho finds this difficult. I'm gonna spend a few days checking all the stuff out that you have suggested. Might try the half and half resin. The only good thing about the resin i bought is that it doesn't smell after its been cast. Except it wont cast, lol. I've tried again, and this time I'm gonna have the heating on constant low, and leave them for 3-4 days.