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    I am having a little problem.

    We supply of shop with jewellery. They buy it from us at trade prices, however from the new website they want some new jewellery and subsequently want it at trade price.

    However, some of the jewellery they want costs me a lot to make and although I make a reasonable profit. I would have to sell it to the at cost for them to make the x2.5 they want as profit.

    Therefore, I am thinking about asking whether the would consider doing a commission type thing. Say a 35/65 split. They won't make as much money from the jewellery but I can't let some of the jewellery go at cost!

    I already let them have charm bracelets at cost but it really can't go on.


    What would you do?

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    You obviously don't want to loose their business but as a business they should know that prices do go up and some things cost more to make than others. They should be prepared to pass this rising cost onto their customers or make do with a little less profit. Thats how I see it but I'm sure someone else would see it differently. I'm also coming from the crafters side of it and not the business side of it so it might not be practical to assume that they would do this.
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      Hi RB dont know if this is any help but If I sell items at trade prices I always add at least 25% onto the price the item cost me to buy or make. It has taken you a lot of time and effort making these items why should you give them away. I know you dont want to lose this shops business but at the end of the day you are out to make money as well. If the shop really want them they will pay for them.

      Hope this has been of some help.