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  • When they get it wrong . .

    I am so disappointed, 2 parcels of craft stuff I had ordered arrived today, and they both had something missing!

    One of them was a sculpey (like fimo) order and they had only missed out one block so that wasnt too bad (as long as they replace it!) but the other one they had missed out the perfectly paisley cuttlebug folder that I had been eyeing up for ages!!!!

    I feel really disappointed, I know they must process so many orders that they lose track, but you think they would check before they send! And also, although I have emailed them both to let them know, they might not replace the missing items so then I will be out of pocket too! And I feel like I am making it up when I email them, but Im not!

    Grrrr! Rant over!

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    That's bad, which supplier did you use?
    Gail x

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      That is bad and must be very disappointing

      Nat x


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        Lol, I dont want to name and shame as that would be a bit mean, and in every other respect they were both really good, and quick to send out.(Although I would have preferred it if they had taken a bit longer and CHECKED what they were sending!)

        The sculpey place in particular were really good, as I was unsure what colour I needed so I left it to them to decide lol!


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          Originally posted by claireybear View Post
          And also, although I have emailed them both to let them know, they might not replace the missing items so then I will be out of pocket too! And I feel like I am making it up when I email them, but Im not!
          I can't see why they wouldn't replace the missing items I have to admit I occasionally miss something off the packing list, usually when I've got loads of orders to pack. When a customer contacts me about it I always send the replacement item straight away so they're not hanging about waiting...sometimes I can remember not packing it (if that makes sense) and other times a quick check of our stock levels show that yep we have 1 more than we should have. So I'm sure they'll not think you are making it up
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            Don't worry I'm sure that they will replace them, I recently had something missing from an order that I had recieved so emailed them and the missing item was sent that day.

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              I know just how you feel. I ordered some of the A4 organiser trays for my really useful boxes 2 weeks ago and yesterday I emailed them cos they still haven't arrived. Their excuse was that the weather had caused them so many problems - staff not getting to work, transportation etc. That may be the problem with their recent orders, but I ordered them 6 days before the snow arrived!!!!!! They have assured me that they were sent out yesterday by next day service - its now 4.00 pm and they still haven't arrived.

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                I'm sure they'll replace them for you - if they don't then make sure you do name them & shame them!!!

                Fingers crossed for you xx
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                  I work a shop sometimes unpacking orders and its amazing how wrong orders can be. I can scarcely believe it but virtually every single box we open has something missing. The woman in charge is quite on the ball about it all (as otherwise it would be costing the shop thousands every year in small items not delivered) and she almost always gets either a refund or a replacement sent. Most companies are good about it if you phone up quickly.
                  Personally I can't understand it - I mean how hard can it be to check through a delivery before sealing the box? I know everyone's human and the odd mistake can be made but when its every delivery you do start wondering whether someone is making money from missing out items on a regular basis.... Also I suspect (as I have been guilty of this in the past) that lots of people don't actually check too thoroughly so they really can get away with it!

                  (Sorry that was a little rant there - I hope you get your stuff )


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