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  • merging photos

    I am struggling to find a method of merging photo's so that they can then be uploaded onto my blogger.
    Eg. I have three photos of a hairstyle. I want to line them up side by side and then make into one image.
    I have tried on publisher and can combine the images but if I save them they become a publisher document and can't be uploaded to the blogger.
    So I tried copying them and making them into an image through paint shop pro, but then they become a psp image and still can't be uploaded.

    How do I do it?
    please help before I pull my hair out!
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    Hi, I haven´t got any experience with publisher or paint shop as I use photoshop but as I believe photoshop and paint shop are similiar there must be a way of converting your file into a jpeg format and then saving it for the web.
    When you save your new creation do you get a prompt asking what format you want to save it in? In the save options for photoshop there is a save for web and devices option that lets you adjust the image quality and converts the image to jpeg, gif or similiar image file suitable for a web page/blog. I imagine there must be a similiar option in paint shop.
    Sorry I couldn´t help you more.
    Good Luck
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      Not sure if this will work or not, but it might be worth a try.

      OK, copy and paste each of the pics you want, onto a Word document side by side without a space on the same line. Then select all and copy and paste and the 3 pics will paste as one pic.
      Then go to File and click Save as A Web Page, and it will save as htm and then hopefully you would be able to upload that onto you web page.

      Before you upload it delete the first 3 pics so that you are only saving the pasted pic of the 3 pics together (does that make any sense??? )

      As I said not sure if it will work or not.