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  • I need to learn how....

    I really need to learn how to take good pictures of my products. I use a Fuji Finepix digital camera but can anyone suggest a better camera or any tips to improve with the camera I have.

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    Can't comment on the individual camera.
    have you found the macro setting (it makes all the difference with focus etc.) it looks like a small tulip or flower.
    Lighting: should be a good and natural as possible.
    Good editing: use a programme to enhance your photos
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      Lighting: should be a good and natural as possible[/QUOTE]

      I can't comment on cameras either, but a good tip I was given is to take the photos in the bath if you have a white one. Place some fabric for background in the bottom of bath - place object on fabric then take photo.


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        That's a very good question!! Hopefully some more people will come along and help as I could do with some help in that area! Especially with cards...

        I love your blog by the way - love those heart tags - will have to remember you when the tags I have now run out!

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          There are lots of threads about taking photo's on the forum. Use the search bar at the top to find some old ones.
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            I use a light box placed in a window during daylight hours to take my photos. Maplins do one for about £10 which was well worth it.


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              Thanks for all the tips, I will search through some old threads.



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                Hi I have a fuji finepix too which one do you have??

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                  It's a finepix 6800, the camera is probaly fine It's me that's the problem.



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                    I have just been looking at your pictures, I think they look fine, Im revamping my site at the moment and Im getting so frustrated with the photo quality, its driving me bonkers actually! I even got a lightbox and its made no difference.... So I know how you feel

                    Good luck with it anyway


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                      Am having a similar problem but I know it's got to be user fault. Treated myself to a new digicam in sales after trusty old Olympus starting playing up - well, it was nearly 5 years old! Am still trying to get the hang of it but afraid I'm one of those people who take things out of the boxes and use them without reading the instructions. Finally, figured out how to use the digital zoom properly after 3 weeks when I thought about actually reading that boring looking little book that came with the camera and was still sat in the box....duh!!!!!

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                        The fuji finepix is a great camera, so you probably just need to review your techniques! Get as close as you can and use the macro setting (looks like a little tulip). Try not to use flash - use good daylight but not harsh sunlight as that can bleach out any detail. Use a good background, free of clutter, preferably a white sheet or plain wall - even a wooden floor or worktop makes a good background. Steady your arms or use a tripod to help with focusing. I always take several photos of an item - with and without flash; with macro or zoom etc; then I delete the worst ones once they have been uploaded to the computer.
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                          I've heard the photograph 'tents' are FANTASTIC! You place your item inside and the tent reflects the light to give a great picture on a clear background. not sure how much they are though!

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                            I've never heard of that but thanks I'll look into it.



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                              im rubbish at taking pics of my work too il have to try the lightbox trick and the bath trick, best not do the two together tho hey?
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