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  • bonkers or what!!

    Can someone please,please,please explain to me why it is that i can go a whole day without any inspiration at all and then as soon as the baby wakes me up at the crack of dawn for a feed,my head is swarming with ideas and i just don't get the chance to put pen to paper. How frustrating!!!
    Sorry,just had to vent!

    Emma x
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    Sounds like me. I can wake up in the middle of the night and have an idea but by the time I get up in the morning I can't remember the details.
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      that sounds soo familier, i lie in bed at night and have all these wonderfull ideas and can`t sleep because my mind is working on all these fab ideas
      in the morning .....they are gone
      i could be a genius if i could just stop sleeping


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        I reckon its because your brain has been creative while you were sleeping. It happens to me too & as a result I have bits of paper with scribbled notes/idea on everywhere - LOL !


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          Something similar happened to me yestarday....Have a long day at work today and should have been in bed by about 11 last night, but stayed up til 1am making a mobile....Feel a bit worse for wear now

          Freja xx



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            I think it is the law of sod coming into play here! It's like sitting down to watch your favourite programme on TV and then the phone rings or the doorbell goes and you miss the best bits.
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              I was talking to my mum yesterday and she actually said to me "I was lying in bed and I suddenly thought about your latest mosaic why don't you...."

              so it would seem it happens to most of us. Just wish I could wake up enough to write down the ideas before I nod off again
              Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                I'm like you, I can't sleep at night for ideas running through my head but yep, in the morning they have vanished!!!
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                  I'm very much a night owl and have a lot of ideas in the wee small hours and I just have to get them out of my head so a lot of the time I stay up very late and make the item, hence the reason I walk about like a half shut knife a lot of the time through lack of sleep


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                    It's strange because when I make a card I just sit down, and pick up bits and throw them together. I don't plan anything.
                    I can't do that with jewellery, I have to think about it, and look at what beads I have, what colours go.
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                      This happens to me all the time... I get all of my crafty stuff out, sit looking at it, trying to put ideas together and getting frustrated when I just can't find any inspiration so I give in and put everything away.

                      Then I go to bed, start to drift of to sleep and... BAM!!!... all the ideas start flowing but I'm never awake enough to write them down then the next day we're back to square one.

                      Very frustrating!!


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                        I had some amazing ideas buzzing through my head this morning sat in church! And I wasn't in a position where I could surreptitiously hunt for pen and paper to write them down. Can I remember any of them now???
                        Cathy xx
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                          ha ha i like this thread! my hubby gets all the innovative ideas inside the bathroom! seriously. he has been spending a lot of time oin the bathroom, so i asked him once...then he shared it with me