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Calling all Stampers!

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  • Calling all Stampers!

    I would really like to use stamped images on some of the cards I make, sometimes I feel quite limited because I dont really stamp.

    A friend lent me some stamps but they werent really what I had in mind, and the cheap ink I picked up in Tesco was rubbish, didnt come out very strongly and wasnt waterproof so when I tried to colour the images they smudged.

    So I was wondering if any of you stampers fancied a bit of a swap? In return for some stamped images, I could make you some glass painted/fimo/felt embellishments or cut you some bits on my lovely robo.

    It would save me the expense of buying stamps / ink etc (and Im not very good at stamping so even then they might still look awful!)

    I really, really like the Magnolia Tilda stamps, and I love the Joanna Sheen Mesy Rabbit ones, but to be honest I would consider most things!

    Claire x

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    Yep!! Send me a pm of what you are after and I'll let you know if I can help!!


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      Happy to do swopsies - have pm'd you
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        That's a really great idea in general claireybear, if we could have a swapsy section on here,as sometimes you just need a couple of something or other and don't want to buy the stamp or the die and another member could let you have it in exchange for something else.


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          Thanks you two, Im quite excited at having some lovely images to colour!

          If anyone else wants to swap let me know, the more the merrier! Then I will have a HUGE selection to play with!

          Krafty1, that is a great idea to have a swapsy forum if we are allowed, it has certainly made my day that you lovely people have come to my aid! Maybe it would have to be restricted to members once they have passed a certain number of posts or been a member for a certain amount of time though, to make sure it isnt abused?

          Claire x


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            To save hogging your thread, I'll ask in another thread and see if we're allowed and if we are, what people think.

            Tried to give you rep power for the idea but it says I've got to spread it around before I give it to you again don't remember giving you any recently.


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              Have a read of the rules as a swop section is not going to happen - it was discussed a few times in this area:

              But as this thread was started off asking for help then this is fine but please don't offer items for swoping or exchange as the thread or post will be deleted!

              Hope this helps


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                ok thanks for the info Tip Top