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Recession-has it affected handcrafted sales?

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  • Recession-has it affected handcrafted sales?

    Just wanted to know from those of you who have already done craft fairs/farmer's markets etc this year, how have you found it.

    I know we are supposed to be in a recession and are told money is tight, have you found this to be the case or do you find people are still spending or in fact spending more?

    I have been to the Range a few times recently and have never seen it so busy. It is busier now that before Christmas, people aren't just buying craft materials but knick-knacks and ornaments etc. Whre there are normally 2 tills open, they now have 4 and there are still queues. It's not all sale stuff that is being bought either.

    Your comments and observations gratefully received
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    I haven't done any fairs yet this year but my website has been soooo busy. It was really busy in the run up to christmas and I thought January and February would be quiet but I was so wrong (thankfully!!). I can reckon on two to three orders a day at the moment which is fantastic.

    I do spend quite a bit on advertising and I now have quite a lot of repeat customers aswell, especially for the craft supply stuff.

    I'm absolutely loving it - long may it last!!.
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      According to a website that I have a reciprocal link with, they stated in a newsletter to all of their advertisers that in times of economic uncertainty, people look for some kind of stability. The stability being marriage. As a result registrar bookings are up at the moment. I don't know where they got the information from but certainly things have kicked off for me in the last 2 weeks. So far most of my weddings are in August and September with one or two in March and May.
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        we have certainly been busy with our cards
        I work in hobbycraft and we've also been quite busy and people aren't just spending a couple of pounds either
        hubby is an estate agent and he says things are very slowly starting to improve


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          January has been my best month since it started. I was quite surprised actually, I thought January would be the worst!
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            Auntie Peg

            Hi there...I am very new to the craft industry although my sister-in-law has a stall at covent garden market....her stall have been extremely quiet with her not making the rent...
            As for myself..I did really well over Xmas which I couldnt believe since I only started up in October...I am doing a charity fair on Monday for Cancer and I am not sure with the weather it is worth doing..Plus I am really low on stock.. My next fair is on 1 March..but judging by visiting the same fair on 1st Feb it was really quiet...
            Take Care ..Aunite Peg