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is this a completely stupid dream ???

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  • is this a completely stupid dream ???

    I work in hobbycraft for 26.5 hours a week , I know its not a lot but when you add it to running the house, sorting the children out , making time to craft I find it hard work
    I have got this week off and absolutely love being at home , to be honest I always have done and would love to be a stay at home housewife but needs must especially at the moment.
    we are working hard at the moment to build up our lovely little card / gift business and it is going very well , compared to some of you its probably very small but we're getting there.
    is it a completely stupid dream to wish that one day I could give up some hours and work more from home.
    Part of me would love to just be working from home, but I do love the job, I get to meet people and I get discount in the shop !!! but I just don't want to work as many hours

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    I dont think it's a dream - think of it as a goal to aim for.

    I used to be in a well paid job, but gave it up to be a stay at home mummy. When my daughter was born, I wanted to stay at home and look after her full time - and that's exactly what I am doing.

    I also decided to take up my 'hobby' of glass work as a proper job and now combine the two. I love it and it is hard work.

    I believe that if you want something enough, make it a goal and really aim for it. If you dont you will regret it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Take care

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      I too share the same dream!! I have been off on annual leave this week, my partner is working away and I have been making lots of earrings this week. Sitting in a warm house, kitty by my side doing something I love. I work 44 hours per week - 2 part time jobs, working 10-5 and 6-10 each day except fridays when I work 4 hours only 6pm to 10pm. I dont get in from work until 10.20ish after being out all day, so by the time I have had something to eat and a bath we are talking 11pm, and that is the time I unwind and make my jewellery. Most nights I am up until 2.30am, it is the only chance I get to be creative. I would love to give up work and do this full time, but 95% of my customers are at work, so I am in a catch 22 position. I suppose I will just have to keep putting those numbers on each week and hope they come my dreams again!!


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        Not a Not a stupid dream at all... one I am sure we all share- I do!!!

        Although I do a job I love- I had to take a full time position- I only ever worked 30 hours a week- so that was a shock!!

        I would so love to be at home more- creating more for my current business and spending more time on my new project- but alas - in this current climate- I need the income!

        Also- i find actually going to work keeps me sane- meeting new people, switching off from the teenagers!! (and the husband attimes)

        Could you talk to work and ask about cutting your hours?

        Keep the dream alive- your cards are lovely.



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          What's crazy about it? You've said you can't afford to reduce your hours just yet but when the time does come why not see if you can just cut down a few hours at first and then more later. Its a huge financial cut in anyone's budgeting going from 26.5 hours down to around 16 hours but if you just lost say 4 hours then its not so bad a jump and you can adjust your finances more easily than if you were losing 10 hours.

          Hold onto your dreams and when you get the chance, make a few small positive changes. You can make your dreams come true with determination and sheer hard work.

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            I think it's a very realistic dream.... but theres no doubt that it will involve alot of hard work.
            I used to work full time before I had my son - corporate enviroment, stupid hours, stress levels soaring etc I went back to work 6 months after I had him for 25 hours a week and hated it. My priorities changed and I had a dream of starting a business doing something I loved.

            I did loads of research and went for it..... stayed at work and also set my photography business up - I did both for 18 months and I was constantly tired!

            It can be done but you have to be soooooo focused, you need to motivate yourself constantly and above all I think you have to keep believing that it will happen.

            I still do my photography (it's been 3 years) and I still love it. I have quiet periods throughout the year and I am seriously thinking about trying to make some money from my crafts.....

            Good luck......I am sure your dreams will come true!!!

            Karen x


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              I agree, it is something to aim for! I used to work full time before the littlies came along, and I loved it, but I also love being at home, looking after the boys and building my nest! I have gone back to work - but I am fortunate in that I can do my job on a self employed basis, and on a sort of agency basis. I only work a maximum of three days a month - I have to do some hours to maintain my professional registration, and the rest of the time I sew, and look for other opportunities to fund my stay at homing! But when I do do 'proper' work, I really enjoy it - keeps my brain working, and stops me descending into teletubby land The trouble is, proper work pays much better than crafting, so the one funds the time to do the other.
              Cathy xx
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                No not at all, I work from home & love it, can't ever imagine going back to a "proper" job!

                My circumstances changed through ill health & I had to give up work, initially it was a panic & I didn't know how we'd managed, but we did, I became self-employed, not earning a lot, but enjoying what I did & took all the stress out of my life & last year set up my crafting hobby as a business, which is never really going to make me any money, but I love doing it & by selling some bits and pieces I at least cover some of my craft spending!

                Sometimes it's surprising how you can adjust financially if you have to, start making plans now about how you could make some savings if you were to reduce your hours, perhaps doing it slowly rather than giving up all in one go. And keep up with your website & card sales, you seem to do really well there & you have lots of great ideas. Work towards the dream & it could well happen!
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                  it's not a stupid dream at all,in fact its a fantastic goal. I was self-employed and working from home up until december as i found i felt that in order to earn a 'decent' wage i would have to be away from the kids to many hours a day. Now we've had the baby(although at not even 3 weeks old yet,i'll give myself a bit of time) i really want to plough my energies into getting my craft business off the ground. But i must admit i really do worry about how we are going to cope living off just one wage when we have been used to 2 incomes.
                  Maybe when the business takes off a bit more reduce some of your hours at work and every so often look at the situation and make a decision based on how things are going.
                  And whatever you do DON'T GIVE UP!!!
                  Emma xxx
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                    trouble is I've done all this once , we finally got to a stage where I gave up 2 days a week in my old job , I did do it gradually I'm not brave enough to do it all in one go lol
                    and I loved it , then hubby decided to change careers and we took a HUGE drop in salary ( we're talking nearly £9000 !! a year ) and I took on a new job and extra hours
                    so now I'm back to being out of the house more and although I do love my job its too many hours for me to be able to do everything I want to do but hubby supported me when I gave up work to have the kids ( but they're grown up now ) so now its my turn.
                    its amazing because I never thought we could manage on that much of a drop in income but you do , you get through , and he's happier than he's been in a long time so thats a bonus
                    the card business is really starting to pick up , hubby now has a second job in a shop 2 nights a week , putting out stock etc and a lot of the girls have now fallen in love with our cards , he is bringing orders home every night
                    I am also networking all over the place in cyberspace which is ideal for me as I'm not really a face to face selling person , I leave that to hubby , he's been an estate agent for over 20 years so has got the gift of the gab but if I say so myself I have found my niche selling via the website, e.mail and advertising on our blog , various websites etc I absolutely love it and get a real buzz when people are happy with our cards / gifts.
                    Again if the time comes I will drop hours slowly but won't give up completely as you never know whats round the corner do you ?


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                      Hang on to your dream!

                      We struggled like crazy for a long time and I became the breadwinner when Wyatt was diagnosed with a serious heart disease which meant he could not work at all for three years!! During this time because he is American and over here on a spousal visa we were not allowed to claim any benefits whatsoever and all we lived on was what I manage to bring in.

                      It was a case of working full time as office manager, coming home to cook dinner before going upstairs to work all hours on my toppers. Also had to do all the shopping etc and drive Wyatt everywhere as he was so very poorly.

                      Anyway, cut a long story short, he had an operation and finally managed to get back to work last April and boy oh boy what a difference it made to our lives.

                      During all this time my business has grown strong enough that I could work from home, which I love and would never want to go back to working for anybody else again.

                      What I'm really trying to say I guess is that life throws horrible mud pies at us somethings but thankfully one day your rainbow will be there for you and you can live your dream.

                      Keep strong and don't ever lose that dream

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                        I am in a similar position, i work 28 hours a week at my proper job, but my wedding jewellery business is just starting to take off, i cant sort of imagine it ever being a full time thing though, but who knows? im not very brave, its taken me about 3 years to actually go for it properly and start actively pusing it and having a website, rather than making for friends etc.

                        Wednesday is my day off, i spent yesterday, pottering round, made a few orders, walked the dog, went to a class and god was it wonderful, if my life could be like that i would try and live on less money

                        scarey scarey scarey tho


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                          Hold on to the dream, it's something to brighten up the bad days.

                          I am self employed and work from home, and I am lucky in that I can usually get away with making earrings etc while working, I dream of one day ditching the day (and night) job, and running a jewellery empire (well ok, have my feet up while my minions run my empire for me)


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                            Re: Dream

                            If it's what you want you've got to go for it or regret not doing it.
                            Make sure you set goals to achieve it and don't just dream about it.
                            If you think you can do a thing or if you think you can't you will be right. Henry Ford


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                              I had to go on the sick sept 2007, as the rules on earning whilst on benefits are so tight we havn't advertised or traded, in between hospital and pottering about trying to finish decorating and fitting a new kitchen (not an easy job when you have limited grip and reduced mobility) we have been building up stock ready for when we take the plunge and launch our business, at the moment I'm also doing a course aiming for the NEBOSH qualification to return to work my doc wants me to prove I'm not going back on the tools before signing me off (she dont trust me lol)

                              If it is what you really want to do then aim for it and finding ways of getting the will come to you