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plastic daffodil supplier? HELP!!

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  • plastic daffodil supplier? HELP!!

    Hiya, I've recently starting working as a carer for a disabled lady. She has decided she would like to put plastic daffodils all the way round her garden path so I am trying to source a bulk lot of plastic daffs. (and yes i do think real ones are better but its her garden and its what she wants!) I've been 'surfing' the internet but I'm really struggling to find anything suitable or if I do its far too expensive, she wants individual ones but I can always get the stanley knife out if necessary!
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated,

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    Maybe try Country Baskets if you have one near to you. Failing that, some of the plant stalls on the markets have plastic ones - believe it or not! - so you could ask for a discount on a bulk buy.

    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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      Hiya ,


      I looked this up for you and they have them in stock. Think you will need the stanley knife as the daffi bushes are a lot cheaper than the single stems.

      Good luck anyway and if I can find anymore suppliers of daffodils I will post them on here for you.

      Cheers Janice


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        I see you are from my part of the world - you could try bantocks in Lough - they don't have a website, but have loads of artificial flowers etc.
        Or there is a place on Freemans Common, near the fruit/veg wholesalers.


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          thanks so much for all of the replies, am following them up as soon as I get time... sorry for being naive but are silk ones really silk? won't they rot in the garden?
          Thanks again some great links there, i'm short on time today but will look more thoroughly tonight.


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            Most artificial flowers today are "silk" (or polyester) - the "bushes" mentioned above are. These wouldn't stand up long to being outside - you see faded ones in cemetaries.

            Maybe you could spray them with matt acrylic varnish - stand them in a large box, laid on its side, and turn them a few times. Do it somewhere sheltered outside.

            Daz or Surf were giving a plastic one away with each packet in the mid 60s when I was a student in Newport - we collected them and put them in the garden one night (we were the only group sharing a house - not rented). The neighbours had a shock the next morning.
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