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  • Xmas trees

    Morning all i am off to buy a xmas tree this morning i saw a 6ft one for 9.99 i hope its still there ive given up on the real pine as much as i love them the pines drive me mad.I dont know if my new tree will last this year as now i have mollymandy our kitten i dont think it will be up for long lol.

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    Is it a green one or have you gone for a colour?

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      Ooooo I love Christmas and can't wait to get our tree and decs up!! We have a fake one too as I also can't stand the pine needles and hate to see it looking so sad as its dying, plus like to get mine up as early as poss so would probably be dead by Christmas!!! I have been known to put them up for my birthday before (11/11), but my husband is a bit of a bah humbug and only let me get away with it once!! We only decorate inside though, and I have designed a new range of Christmas decs this year which will look great in our living room, but I keep selling them instead!!!! Must make a note to keep some back for myself
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        I love Christmas too and Anya is now old enough to help us deorate the tree but we won't be putting the Swarovski decorations up for another few years!! Sommerwood - my daughters birthday is on the 11/11 too - spooky! I've had a look at your site and hink the things on there are great. I've bought most things for Christmas presents already but I think I might have a look back soon!!
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          I went off to get my xmas tree but when i got there couldnt belive they had sold out already for that price 6ft 9.99 i surppose i should have guessed what with weekend they had all gone,nevermind plenty of fake trees about so i will just have to find another.