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  • Paper marbling...

    Does anybody do this as a craft??

    I have been fascinated by marbled papers for a long time, and would like to "have a go", but there seem to be so many ways of doing it, I wonder what the best way is??

    I have seen a craft kit widely available for about £20, but the inks are limited in colour..

    But I have also seen quite technical approaches involving boiling up kilo's of carageenan and spe******t combs

    All very confusing! So is there a relatively inexpensive way for a dabbler to have a go??

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    There's some some good basic info on marbling here especially regarding what paints to use with what liquid. If you've got some paints at home already it might be worth having a go at some very basic marbling to get the hang of it before buying anything specific.

    £20 sounds quite a lot, I'm assuming they must be quite speciailst kits, we've got a couple of marbling kits on our website that are a lot less than that including one which contains everything including a packet of size (carageenan is a type of size).

    We did marbling at a friend's birthday party when I was about 7 or 8 and then when we got our party bag at the end his dad had made them out of our marbled pieces of paper - I still remember that so clearly cos it was so much fun
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      I've got a marbling kit at my parents and that had quite a few colours. I know that you need oily paints (so they float on the water) and if you want them to spread out put a drop of washing up liquid in after the paints. I have only done it from the kit really and only to make small bits of decorative paper for other things - I made a notebook once, so used it as the cover.
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        It was a Pebeo kit - £17.50 here plus P&P but it only has 4 colours in it and the pebeo range doesn't seem at all extensive if you want to add to that. I am guessing that the colours don't mix.

        Next best thing I found was Ann Muir.. but the kit was £50! but her marbled papers are stunning, especially the folded and rippled designs.. and she uses water based inks.. so there would in theory be a huge choice of colours..


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