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    Hi. Has anyone ever made dog leads? I wanted to make some really nice spotty ones but don't know where to start. Need help with where I can buy the strong webbing type material and metal clips to attach to collar. Also some instructions would be great. I am very new to sewing!
    Thanks. Sam x

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    I found a dog leash pattern

    I know the clips are on ebay, havn't checked for the webbing but thats probably on there as well.

    hope it helps
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      You can buy webbing in different widths and colours from ebay but I've never seen "spotty" webbing, only plain colours. You can also get the attachments, e.g. metal end bars, D rings and the spring clips from ebay too.

      Remember though, that when you are stitching the webbing, you need to make sure your sewing machine can cope with a double layer as it's quite thick.
      Good luck with your project!


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        I made a hessian one when i was at school, still have it but im damned if i can remember how the hell it was made


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          I have tablet weaving instructions to make dog leads with your dogs name on, I've not got around to starting it yet it's on my to do list. I've got my cards cut and punched and some really good nylon thread but I have too many projects on the go already. It's a PDF file if you want me to send it to you I'll have to ask my daughter to do it for you


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            Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how it went when I have finished! Shiner - thanks would love to have the pdf file you have with the dogs name. Sounds great. Sam x


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              I've just found this thread and I was interested because I'm also making dog leads. My machine is a domestic Brother from the xl series. It stitches the webbing quite well but I'm having trouble with the fittings. I can't get the foot to stitch close enough to the metal rings. If I use a zipper foot the webbing won't travel across the base plate. Can anyone help with this? Can you get a special foot for this sort of thing?