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I'm about ready to scream now!!

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  • I'm about ready to scream now!!

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am so flipping fed up now of trying to sort out my webpage and just want to delete the whole thing and start afresh from scratch!!!!!!!

    I really think I've gotten into a right mess over the last couple of years and no amount of revamping is going to help it - to me its looking tired, worn out and messy.

    I've had a look around at some other web hostings but can't even begin to work out which one to go for and which one will be the easiest for me.

    Wish I had the money to just hand it over to somebody else to do but then again I would still need to sent photo's, write text and give prices so may as well do it myself.

    Just wanted to go ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and now its time for coffee I think!

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    hi Pauline
    Scream loud, followed by deep deep breaths, count to 10 then breath into a paper bag!!!lol
    I really feel for you hun, I couldent even attempt to do a web page so you are one up from me, I know they take so much time and effort.....stick with it it will be worth it, sorry i cant help but sending you lots of (((hugs)))


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      I know how you feel pauline, I am in the process of totally revamping mine, Ive cleared it! I am starting afresh in the morning with all my new items & pics.
      But to be honest I think your web site is good, I love the pictures and its nice and easy to navigate,
      Hope you get it just how you want it soon.


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        Take a break and have a rest and then come back to it later, i often find that helps when i get frustrated with something.
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          I know web building can be frustrating. Have you thought of doing an exchange, if someone who can design webs, wants something you make, may help and may be too much effort. When my friend started her alternative therapy I used to do her accounts in exchange for massages, she now does too much work for this to be viable but it was a good way to help.
          Or how about local colleges if any of the students want the experience of web building.

          Good Luck


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            Leave it alone for 24 hours - then re visit.

            I wish I had known about your site last year - just what I was looking for for my son's wedding cake.

            Still I have one son left to marry off - in fact he has just landed in Tokyo to ask her parents for her hand in marriage - so watch this space. Can you make Japanese girls?

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              I did my website myself and I know how you feel only too well!!!! It is amazing how a little coma, colon whatever in the wrong place can wreck your whole layout.

              Take a breather from it for a couple of days and go back to it when you feel a bit more refreshed. Mr Media's day job is website development so you could have a word with him and see if he can point you in the right direction.

              Good luck.


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                Ditto all the above posts....I am in a rut with my website. I have a few new items to put on it but it takes so much effort especially if its like my combs page, because I use a gallery maker I have to redo the entire page. I want to redesign my website but the work involved with all those images is a nightmare. I would like someone else to do it for me but I also want to be able to take it over and do updates myself but web designers are so expensive and are not keen on allowing you to mess about with the coding.
                Take a break Pauline and hopefully you will come back with a fresh mind.....I am still trying to convince myself of this
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                  Go for a walk (dodge the deluge) and then have a coffee and sit at the table with a big sheet of paper and a pencil and work out the site map (major headings etc) then add in smaller details. And when you are buzzing with the excitement and anticipation of the whole thing go back to it.
                  Slogging on when you are disparing is not going to help in the least.
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                    Pauline, I know how you feel only too well - I look at my site now and hate it, it looks tired and boring and desperately needs updating.

                    Everytime I try to sort it out then something inevitably gets in the way and it either doesn't get done or I'm not happy with the end result.

                    I'm seriously considering deleting all of the content of my site and starting from scratch!!

                    Hope you manage to get it the way you want it soon *hugs*


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                      Thanks very much for all your comments and advice on to 'step away from the 'website' - which is what I have done and just left it for now!

                      I have been given advice on what to do such as have a separate price page etc which is something I've been meaning to do for a while but time is not on my side.

                      Which leads me back to my website again because its time, time, time that is needed to get it anywhere near where I'm going to be happy with it.

                      So, I've been looking at Mr Site Website Pro and think I may get it to begin again and take my time to build that up while my other one is still active. (renewal subcriptions are not due until September so I have plenty of time in that department!).

                      I know quite a few of you have Mr Site and I can sense the majority of you are very happy with it but I feel for what I want to do in the future its not enough for me to start off with so I may as well go right in and get the Pro.

                      What I wanted to know was first if there is anybody that has the Pro and also do you know if there is a 'trial' somewhere so I know what to expect?

                      If anybody has any other suggestions on another website package I would love to hear please?

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                        It's something I've been avoiding but it looks like I'm going to have to take the plunge. The person who was going to do our web as a favour is "really busy with paying customers" I think it's his way of saying he wants paying really, so I've read the instructions and now ready to attempt to build a web site yeah right I think I'll just read that instruction page again lol


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                          I have not got the Pro but the standard and I have found it great to work with.

                          Yes it takes a little while to get your head around and I can't promise you won't get flustrated at it. But as the templates they have for you to work from are modern you will have a great base start from. I would say don't be afraid to swap and change those templates, it might be more of a pain but its worth it.

                          ONce you get the hang of it, it is easy to keep on top of it and you get better at working on it.

                          Cheers Lisa
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                            You want to try *******
                            We have our silver jewellery site with them and helped us with the design, search engine optimisation and hosting for just £99 per year.

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