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    help trying to add a guestbook but get the following message

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c'

    Path not found

    /extras.asp, line 6896

    I've turned off the pop up blocker and deleted my cookies
    god it sounds like I know what I'm talking about lol
    why can't I add a guestbook ?

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    I've not had the same problem but I did have plenty of little problems when i was setting up my site - I've always emailed the mrsite team, and found them really helpful (i've bugged those guys so much, lol) tho that was before i found this forum. I'd give that a try if you wanna know urgently and arent getting much joy here - Good Luck.

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      I agree, the support team are really helpful - my guest book is now working intermittantly but they have been on to it every time as soon as I let them know about the problem.


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        thank you
        however I had a couple of goes of setting up the guestbook and for some reason it finally worked !!!
        my next question is can I use mr site takeaway with windows vista
        I'm a bit annoyed as I went with mr site takeaway beginner as its the only one that said windows vista I didnt' realise I could only have 5 pages now they're saying I can update for an extra £15 but I've already spent £12.47 on the beginner one
        If I'd gone with the takeaway one straight away then it would only have cost me £17.99 so now I'm £10 worse off !!