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  • Company Identity.....

    I went to a trade fair at Torquay today - not really to buy anything, but to have a nosey at the other products out there and how they compare to mine.

    One thing I particulalry noticed - especially with the cards - was that there was a clear identity to each seller/business. It was completely obvious which card would have belonged to each stall, having a clear theme or identity running through. Examples are cute animals, pictures in the sand, marine pictures and vegetable artwork.

    I am wondering if this is important in my field, or anyone else's for that matter. I do nice cards (I think!!), but there is no clear identity.

    So I am thinking I should maybe create one - maybe come up with a coupld of cute characters that could be used on each card?

    What does everyone else think on this matter and any other ideas on what could constitute an identity???


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    Wendy is the card maker of the 2 of us, she doesn't have a theme but most people who regularly buy her card say they can tell her cards because the quality and attention to detail, often incorperating a few different skills in 1 card just to get that look that stands out from the competition. I know I'm biased (she's my wife I'm bound to think she's the best) but each card is a work of art


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      Hi, iI agree with comment that all cards are a piece of art, I feel that card crafters do have there own styles just like I suppose artists do with their can always spot a Monet! I would personally stick to your own style, people will recognise your cards and buy them because they are yours and that they like them i think is the biggest compliment of all. Hope this helps


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        I don't have a theme either....I do agree that my items seem to have a certain style though. I think everyone does, it is a little like handwriting I think

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          I dont think you should stick to one theme, won't you be limiting your market by doing that?
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            You'll find that your own style will just come naturally and just go with whatever you find the most enjoyable to make, that's what I do. To the extent that I almost dislike having to make custom cards to order

            Whenever I go for a walkaround at an event I notice that everyone has their own design whether it be cards or jewellery, and you very very rarely get 2 designers with anywhere near the same designs.


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              I think it is style that is more important than a theme - although I do try to produce a collection of cards (say 4) that do share a common theme - that comes through. If you think about, for example, the vegetable cards at Torquay it is the fact that they all look similar, rather than were all based on vegatables, that drew the eye to the collection.

              Everyone has their own style - why not try and see what common elements there are to your work, it could be a colour(s) or shape or anything else that you use more than any other in your work and begin to accentuate that element to help develop your style and 'brand' your cards.

              To have someone recognise that a card 'must be one of your designs' is as big a thrill as selling a card, although, alas, it does not pay the bills!
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                I agree with the above, my cards tend to be Victorian in design but this does not stop me adding other styles if requested or if that is the way I feel on the card design day.

                Don't limit yourself just go with the flow of what you enjoy making, after all this is half the battle, the other half is thinking of the ideas in the first place.


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                  I don't sell my cards properly at fairs etc, but I make cards (and jewellery) that I like and enjoy creating. If people make good noises and want to buy your work then it's working.

                  As a customer, I want to be drawn in to a stand that looks neat and well laid out, with maybe a bit of decoration to add interest, and maybe one area that could be themed. In a way if I see all cards are the same type it would put me off looking at anything else on the stall.
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                    I think a lot of people have their own style ( theme ) without really realising it, with cards you can tell with the quality and the materials or paints etc. that people use. I think everyone should have a good range of stuff but it is nice for someone to be able to look at something and think "that must be by such-and-such", after all, thats how you get known!.

                    I don't make cards but my stuff always tends to be very natural and plain colours, not necesarily on purpose but its just what I like to make ( and it sells so it can't be wrong!!!).
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