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  • Heavy Duty Circle Punch

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post here, so I'm hoping you can help me. I'm looking for a circle punch of about 23-25mm diameter that will be able to cut through a beermat (approx 1mm thick). I have been scouring every craft site I can find and there are lots of circle punches available for scrapbooking and card making, but I'm wondering whether they will be suitable for cutting through something so thick?

    Can anyone recommend something that would do the job?

    Thanks v much!

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    Hole Punch


    When I needed to make holes in some card I used a compass with a razor blade attachment, rather than a pencil. The blade cut a lovely clean edge.


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      Circle cutter should do it, i got mine from The Range
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        Hi Jane and Kay,

        Thanks for your tips. I do have a circle cutter - I had the same idea myself, but unfortunately the blade doesn't cut deep enough through the beermat, it just scores the surface.

        I don't have a compass with a razor blade attachment, but I shall look into that. The main problem is that I will have to cut out LOTS of holes, about 1000 in all, which is why I thought a punch would be the most speedy method.

        Thanks for your advice!


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          could you not use actual beer mats themselves Emma.

          edited to say ok forget that just seen the size you need LOL. what about chipboard cirlcles
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            Hi Kay,

            I don't think I have explained myself very well, sorry! The little circles that I cut out will be the waste product - what I am aiming to produce is a beermat with two little holes that you can poke your fingers through. I am aiming to produce about 500 beermats, each with two little holes in.

            I'm going to be using them as a promotional item that I will be sending out to people, so I'll be having my own design printed onto a load of beermats. However, the printer isn't able to cut the holes out for me too so I am trying to find a way to do that myself. I must sound like a mad woman! Perhaps if I figure out a way to do it I will post a photo of the finished product so you can see what I'm on about, ha ha!


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              Ohhhh I get you now, I think any punch after 1000 punches through thick card would give up and die, you may need to contact a company that has a press for cutting the holes. Good luck, hope you sort it.
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                Hi Gemma,

                What you would need is something like This. You strike the handle with a hammer and it punches through your beermat.

                Hope this helps



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                  Snap Jake!

                  Depending on how hard you can wallop (without damaging the bench) you might be able to cut through more than one mat at a time.
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                    Duh, why didnt I think of that earlier, sissix paddle punch, I have cut throught metal with mine.
                    cheap too.
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                      Is this what you are trying to make (footballer)
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                        I have a home made 1inch hole cutter which I made for cutting through water gasket, some gasket material is quite thick and tough, I cut a working edge on a length of 1inch tube by grinding the inside down to a sharp edge then heat tempering it, I also made the handle by wrapping smooth string neatly around a few times to build up a comfortable size, it's been in regular use for ages still going strong