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Look At The Date Of The Thread You Are Posting To!!!!!!!

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  • Look At The Date Of The Thread You Are Posting To!!!!!!!

    Just a little thought, not a rant, or anything like that, but would it not be a good idea to let new members know when they join that there are dates in the top left corner of a thread to show when it was posted?????

    I have noticed over the last couple of days there are a lot of new members appearing and posting to very old threads, some going back to 2005!!!

    It's getting very confusing when I read through a posting and then see that it's one from absolute ages ago!!!!

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    I'm with you on that one, it's confused me too reading posts & then realising they're about 3 years old!
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      I have to admit that I am guilty of doing this when I first joined, I was a little embarrased when I was told.
      I guess I just assumed that threads expired after so long

      Whoops lol, I guess the 'twaddle' thread kicking about at the mo won't be 'expiring' anytime soon!!!
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        Some old threads can be added to without causing a problem as some info never goes out of date but those that are about craft fairs in 2005, asking for opinions on a website that probably no longer exist or a question by a member who last posted years ago etc drives me nuts too.

        I expect new members often haven't found their way around how everything works and when they search for a particular word or place up pops a thread which they add to without realising it's from the year dot. If anyone comes across a really old thread that's been brought up to the top again and is likely to cause confusion just click on the red triangle to report it to us mods and we can close it if necessary so it can't be added to and will eventually disappear
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          eek! just realised I replied to a really old thread a minute ago. I actually knew where the thread dates are I just wasn't paying much attention.... will have to wake up!


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            I agree, unless they are threads that could be helpful for members, but I have noticed a few very old threads that are just general chat which is of no use and should just be left alone

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              Not sure if the mods already do this or if it's too much work but I wondered if maybe some threads with useful information in could be converted into stickies or moved to hints and tips section and any other old threads that are out of date that they don't want new posts on could be locked or even removed eventually.


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                It's a good idea, but I guess it would take a lot of work, especially if they were to backtrack. Also when would you call them old?
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                  I have mentioned this before. I wondered if threads past a certain date could just be locked/deleted. Could something be set up to do this automatically to save the mods having to keep detailed tabs on what's going on? Surely there must be some auto archive system available if nothing else?

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                    Hi, hope you don't mind me saying, but I'm on a car forum and this deleting of old threads has recently caused a heck of a lot of upset, so much so that a couple of well respected advisors who put in hours of work replying to technical stuff got pretty miffed and pulled out. These people suddenly noticed that their post counts had gone down from 3,000+ to 1,000+, so you can imagine the amount of information that 'disappeared' by someone simply drawing a line at a certain date and deleting! I'm not saying this could happen here, just a little warning not to just go by how old a thread is, but go by the content too, like a few of you have already mentioned. I'm sure it'd take quite a while to do and I don't envy the kind person who takes this task on!
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                      At the risk of simplifying things....................surely it's easier to look at the date than to revamp the whole forum? What's so difficult?


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                        After the problems and upset it caused on the car forum I think that'd be the best thing to do, and just take a deep breathe in when anyone resurrects old threads!
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                          Does it matter though? It only means that you might read the same information twice, if you have something to add to a thread does it matter if it is two days or two years old?


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                            True, it'd be like seeing a film again or reading a book you haven't read for a while...a reminder and maybe something you've missed from the first time around
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                              No matter how irrelevant some information might seem it could, at some time, be useful to someone. Also who would want the responsibility of being judge and jury deciding what should go and what should stay.
                              My humble opinion is that the Forum is fine as it stands. Most of us have added inadvertantly to an obsolete thread at some time, just chalk it up to experience.
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