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    I have just got this urge to make tiaras/combs for my wedding next year (I am 53!), I have bought a starter kit from ebay, and there are a couple of tiaras to have a go at, but can anyone recommend any books that might offer more variety - simple ones please! Also I wondered about little pieces of jewellery that I could sell at our school fairs to make a bit of money towards the wedding, so books that would include that also please. Are there any monthly magazines that cover jewellery making?
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum - you're not too far away from me,I live in Barnsley. Congratulations on your up and coming wedding.

    I asked about a tiara book a few months ago and loads of people recommended one by the Bead Shop, Nottingham. That one costs £15 and I didn't want to spend that much on one so I went for Tiaras & Hairpins by Michelle Bungay which is only £5. There are 20 designs in it and the instructions are suitable for beginners.

    For jewellery making books I'd recommend any by Barbara Case as in all of her books she explains everything - what all the components are, how to use them etc and its all idiot proof.

    If you don't want to spend money on books there are loads of tutorials on Youtube.

    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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      Many thanks auntynet, I will look into those. No you're not too far away, and my daughter used to live in the town centre of Barnsley.
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        hello & to the forum.
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          I'm also in Yorkshire and getting married this year so making mine and the four bridesmaid's tiaras - welcome to the boat! I've found Spellbound beads to have some lovely supplies and designs, if that's any use - they have a website. I've chosen a very easy to make design which you can make as simple or elaborate as you wish, depending on the beads you use and, if I can find the pattern, I'd be happy to copy and send through to you. You might also want to check out the Beadworkers Guild, a charitable association, which publishes quarterly journals and I've found a lovely source of ongoing inspiration for various projects.

          If you want to keep in touch and we can compare notes as we go along, I'd appreciate the moral support!

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            Thank you so much wildheart I really appreciate that. My email is [email protected] and I would love to keep in touch with you and compare wedding and tiara notes! My wedding is not till July 2010, because I am waiting for my youngest grandaughter to be big enough to be a bridesmaid, and even then she will only be 22 months, so I am dubious about a tiara small enough for her. Also would love the copy you offered, and I will check out your other suggestions. Thanks, Christine.
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              Congrats on the wedding! And good on you for having a go at tiaras.
              I made mine for my wedding, and am officially hooked! I make jewellery any way, so wasn't too different to what I was doing before.

              I've got the Tiara book that's mentioned in another post (Nottingham Bead Shop 'tiaras how to make with beads and wire' by H Glover and R Bellingham), and its really good - clear instructions and pics.

              And like someone else said, You tube has a lot of tutorials.
              My one tip is to learn how to wrap/twist the wire so its still flexible enought to manipulate without breaking... oh, and be good to your fingers as they will probably hurt a lot (I know mine did!)

              good luck!
              Sarah x