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i went to the kanban sale

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  • i went to the kanban sale

    i said i would let you know how it went. i am still a bit new to craft but getting used to it, anyway the trade sale was fantasic, got a sneek preveiw of there new stock lines, and the new huge bargin boxes. i think i am on to something here. all that money we spend on craft stuff the quality and quantity you get in a single box i just dont think you would believe me if i told you please check it out you can buy them online at also got some inside info.. a member of there staff let slip kanban are opening a factory outlet OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. biggest money saver i have found this year THANK YOU KANBAN YOU'ME MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE..

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    It's Peter time again......................does this bull actually get through to anyone? It's quite elaborate, but a more patronising sales pitch (for something I've never heard of) I couldn't imagine. Why not just say 'I'm advertising - insert obscure company name here - and save all those meaningless platitudes? We're not thick!


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      I thought shall I delete it.. Then thought ummm no.. peter will love this..

      Promote your craft site today : Add Your CRAFTS
      (£5.50 a month or £50 per year)

      Fun new blog: Snowboard Stuff


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        Such foresight...................


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          Hi just thought I ought to answer this, there is a company called Kanban it is in Shipley, West Yorkshire, and you can buy their products in most craft shops. I am not associated with the company in any way, if you Google it I'm sure you will be able to have a look at some of the lovely things they do.


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            Sue - I live in Wakefield, I know who Kanban is. It's the method of advertising, not the end product, I have a problem with. If we couldn't advertise none of us would make a living, but it's my belief that 'Hi, look at my product, it's wonderful!' is far more honest than ' I went to a craft fair and saw a wonderful stall, who, incidentally, I am an agent for, but I'm not letting you know because I think it might make my sales pitch less interesting'. I also have a problem with the thought that ANYTHING in Shipley could 'make my dreams come true' - with the exception of the Hockney Gallery in Saltaire.