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question regarding listing items for sale in several places

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  • question regarding listing items for sale in several places

    A couple of questions for those of you who use several online outlets at the same time for selling, eg Misi, Etsy, your own site etc. Do you list the same items in each place or different ones in each place?

    If you list the same ones, is that because you make the same item several times or if you make one-offs, do you just remove that item from the other outlets once it's made a sale in one place? If you remove it from Etsy for example because you've sold it from your own site, doesn't that cost you money (because you've paid to list it) or is that part and parcel of getting yourself as much exposure as possible? What if, worst case scenario, you sell the same item in two places at once?

    Also, what if a friend or someone you know sees one of your items and wants to buy it, do you sell it IRL and then remove it from the web or tell your friend it's not available?

    At the moment I'm only listing on Misi, and it will probably stay that way for a while, but wanted to see what the pitfalls are if I decide to branch out. However, I do sell quite a bit to friends and family, so wondered if I should keep my listed things out of sight or to heck with it, a sale is a sale, just take something off the web if I sell it.

    Thank you

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    When I used these sites I posted different things to each site, otherwise I would have got in a middle what was selling etc and as I tend to do one off's would not have wanted to sell the smae thing twice.


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      Only a couple of times have I listed the same items on etsy and misi, the chances of selling it on the same day at the same time are tiny.

      Getting myself noticed with ( hopefully ) good designs is worth the small cost it takes to list on etsy or misi.

      I always take my items out of my craft fair boxes if they are for sale online so I don't sell it at a fair.

      Alot of mine are one offs and although I can similiar it wouldn't be the same , so I wouldn't be able to recreate it.
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