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What paper/card do I use

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  • What paper/card do I use

    I want to start make my own photo albums. I cannot find anywhere that tells me what type of paper or card I use to make traditional photo albums.
    Please could someone point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks

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    Whatever card you use it has to be acid and lignin free, are you looking to stick the photos in yourself or sell them? The glue would need to be A and L free too otherwise it makes the photos go brown over time. Bazzill cardstock is a lovely weight and comes in loads of colours and has a lovely texture too.
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      I am consdiering the same thing. I would be very interested to see what you use and how you get on. Keep us informed!
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        I can't be terribly helpful, but you'll need to use acid free paper and card so it doesn't react with the chemicals used in photo processing. You'll find that most of the paper/card which is for scrapbooking is acid free, and I've seen quite a variety of colours and patterns so I reckon that's probably the place to start. Someone else may know more!
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          I would be intersted too, I currently buy mine from, but am sure I could make them cheaper!



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            As someone said earlier it's very important that the stuff you use is acid and lignin free and as someone else also stated scrapbooking papers are generally a & l free and they are also quite a good size for photo albums, the American scrapbooking paper manufacturers probably make some of the best paper/card for scrapbooking in my opinion however I'm sure some people will disagree. Good luck
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              I looked for suppliers for making albums a while ago and found these a good supplier for the brass posts. The covers I make from grey board covered with the same as for the rest of the wedding stationery and the pages are a contrasting colour scrap booking paper, we would like to print the same theme very faintly onto the inner pages but we can only go up to A4 with our printer still looking for a bigger printer without having to get a bigger mortgage