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    Hi, this is my idea. Im not crafty in the slightest so Im looking for a bit of help to put this together!! Id like to make drum bags for my boyfriend, hes just purchased a new kit and has been looking for tartan drum bags to store them in but to no avail. So I had the idea that I might be able to make them??? Im guessing that I will need padding to keep them safe, tartan for the outside and maybe fur for the lining, does this sound ok?? Thing is I have no idea how to put them together! Does anyone have any ideas how to put this all together??

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    Id imagine drum bag would need a solid frame, maybe that plyboard you can get that bends to go round it, then solid board for the top and bottom.
    Best to be solid so skins dont break.

    Measure round the drum and cut out a bigger rectangle in all the materials you use, make it bigger for ease of use., do the sam with the top/bottom.You should add a zip round the top cover to get the drum in/out.
    I reckon it would need extra padding inside the bag, maybe add bits of tough sponge to help.

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      so this is gonna be a lot harder than I imagined it to be then!!


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        The drum bags on my hubby's kit don't have a rigid frame but some of them are very big. I think I'd be tempted to buy some plain soft body bags and them cover them with the tartan, it might be easier than starting from scratch.
        (or is that just a cop out?!!)
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          Oooh I never thought of that! Would that work though? How could I cover them?? I really want to be crafty Im just crap at it!!!


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            Now you've really got me thinking!
            You'll want to do it in pieces, think top section (down to zip), body of bag and perhaps leave the bottom as it doesn't really get seen anyway and is likely to get scuffed.
            You could cut the material to fit the shape, leaving a generous margin around the edge. The hard bit is attaching it. You could sew it on - you'll probably need an upholstery needle to go through the thickness - or you could use some sort of punched eyelets for a bit of a decorative effect - again, that would need to be pretty heavy duty.
            You could always use some discreet glue before you start to be sure everything is held in place.
            Hope that helps,
            Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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              another option is to see if you could buy quilted tartan fabric. Must be some around somewhere, that way all the work is done for you except cutting out the shapes and sewing them.