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  • is an online art shop for art and craft material. all about art is an informative site at the same time as wel.We will start by selling some very selective items and then we will offer every single item related to art and craft.we are adding more and more information on the site.At all about art you will find information about water colours,acrylics,oils,calligraphy,caricatures,brus hes,easels,paper,pens,varnishes, and adhesives. we are selling empty wooden boxes, marble pieces, furniture and some very speacial wooden designs on demand. we promise we will make ur favourite art spot in coming days.

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    that is incredibly slow to load, i couldn't even wait for it. :cry:
    Doing nothing is harder than it looks!
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      Originally posted by GEM
      that is incredibly slow to load, i couldn't even wait for it. :cry:
      I agree...

      waited for 30second on my 2mb line and the text loaded and one image but that was it.... anything taking 10sec + i cant be bothered with...

      It looks like the applet to me... i'd remove it today!

      hope this helps..

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