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  • I wonder

    just how clever you lot are
    I have a challenge for you
    at the moment I am able to wear my reading glasses all day long while I work in hobbycraft as they are my old glasses and I realise that my eyes have got worse
    so I have just had my eyes tested again and have been trying out varifocals as I have a 'thing ' about wearing my glasses on a chain around my neck ( stupid I know but I don't want to do it ) however I don't think varifocals are for me and I'm going to get them changed to just reading glasses
    now because my prescription is stronger I am not going to be able to wear them all day at work so will just wear them if doing reading work or going on the till but it leaves me with a dilemma of what to do with them when I'm not wearing them what I would like and no one seems to do them is a little bag that I could wear across my body like the trendy bags that all the youngsters have I think they're called messenger bags ??? maybe with a soft padding to protect the glasses ??? ideally I would love it to be red but hobbycraft colours are blue so that might be more fitting
    would anyone be able to make one for me ( if possible could I see a picture before I pay as I'm a bit fussy sorry !! ) and save me from the chain around the neck ???
    I would be eternally grateful

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    One Christmas I got my best matey a little black velvet shoulder bag lined with silky material, (about the size of 2 remote controls), enough room to put some money, keys and your lippy in, it had a cord strap. This one had a zip across the top but I suppose a drawstring would be easier to do? Or how about making one out of felt, folding it over your glasses like an oblong pocket, with a flap at the top, and do simple blanket stitch down the 2 sides...a pretty ribbon as the strap?
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      something like that sounds great maybe just a little bit more trendy lol
      but I would need someone to make it for me as I can't sew to save my life !!


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        You can get brooches that are specifically for hanging your glasses from. I know someone that used one all the time because she didn't like a glasses cord either.

        Just so you can add it to your options!


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          do you want this on a belt, or to hang from a belt, or on a strap? need to have specific sizes etc and I have loads of different coloured fabric and designs.

          If you want a reference made an applique cafietiere cosy for Autumn Faerie before Christmas, so hopefully she can reference my work.

          PM me if you have more details etc, do you want it monigrammed? etc I can then email you the fabric designs along with a design picture and cost etc.

          going to HC tomorrow so will check out the uniform colour etc
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            I know just what you mean, even using a button to fasten would be nice? I have had a lot of people ask me for this kind of thing and glasses cases when i have been to craft fairs. I'd be happy to help x
            Dee x
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              I have had to wear glasses all my life but can't wear varifocals, they make me dizzy and the floor comes up to meet me so I wear byfocals - I know folk don't like to see the line accross the specs but I can keep them on all the time and have perfect vision. In fact, before I had my eyes operated on I had 3 lens in each so I could use VDU through one, read through another and distance through the third. That was fun (I don't think) but two are fine now.
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