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    I hope it's OK to post this here? I didn't know where else to put it? So apologies if it's wrong, I'm still new.

    Firstly, Thank you to the 8th Gem for all the journal stuff you're sharing with us. I really want to get into journals this year and I'm loving it! xoxox

    Also - THANK YOU for the crisp bag photo on your blog! I've been looking for something to do with crisp bags for absolutely AGES as we get through so many of them with 6 kids and I've found nothing yet? So this is brilliant! And I'll be trying it out soon (maybe in a minute LOL)

    Oh - I meant to say, I didn't post on your blog because I don't know how to - sorry

    My question is about the brown paper technique. Obviously it's not as porous (sp?) as tissue paper and I can't see how to make it? Please could you explain a bit more for me? (I'm a slow learner)

    Again very sorry to anybody if this isn't the done thing to post here

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    Hi AA there is a challenge thread but dont think it matters
    Glad you're fnding the gilded paper interesting
    My Blog...add a comment will leave a message but on here is ok l pop in daily
    Brown paper l usually use paint randomly just splash the paint around really lol
    Screwing it up 1ST and make as many creases as poss and using a dry brush technique....stiff brush and little paint try to keep the creases showing

    Paint with a few colours or several shades of one colour and when it's dry use gilding paste on your finger or again dry brush with gold paint or white will hi-lite the creases also

    Then add iron on interfacing if you want to stitch on it...and a warm iron not hot or it can burn
    Quite strong when it has interfacing ironed to the back of it
    Shout if you need any more info
    Have fun new for 2012 2009-2011


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      Sorry I was being nosey and clicked on this thread.

      When I read the bit about crisp packets I just had to look at 8th Gem's blog page.

      All I can say is wow!!! who knew a crisp packet could look so interesting.

      Can't say I'd use it for anything but will have to have a go just to see what it looks like !in the flesh!.

      Sorry to be so nosey!!!
      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars