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  • Have you been busy crafting?

    Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas. Will be showing of my work in a few days time. I know a lot of people have been taking a break from crafting. But who like me have been busy?
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    Have not been making but doing a lot of research, sketching making idea notes etc.


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      I've had a bit of an earring making frenzy I have to admit. Even made a pair for myself this morning as I wanted some in purple to go with my top.

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        im having a break and sorting out all my new bits that i got and trying to think of what to do with them


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          No! I have just recently moved house and my soon to be craft room is currently a storage heap! When my guys are off school/work I find it difficult to go off and do anything like that.
          I am itching to get sorted out and busy crafting and updating my website but it will have to wait until begin Jan.
          I admire anyone who is doing crafting at this time of year
          Terry xxx
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            i've been looking to try and book some craft fairs and then trying to cme up with some new ideas for next year.

            not easy when my hands are full of choclates and wine!!!!
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              I find it a good "thinking time", trying to come up with new ideas and ideas for marketing etc for this year. Also I always start to think about Christmas cards whilst I am surrounded by Christmas. Haven't done anything creative though (apart from the brain work) as I am trying to keep reasonably tidy!!!!!!!!!!


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                Not done a thing for at least a week! I had planned to make myself something special in purple beads to go with my outfit for christmas but I left it till the last minute and then the vodka stopped me still not done it!

                I also have a commission to do - I've got all the beads and the idea is sorted with the customer who says there is no time limit on it but he does visit the stall every week to see if I've done anything - maybe my new years resolution will be to do commissions as soon as possible instead of leaving them till the last minute.

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                  iv not made much recently apart from a couple of pairs of earrings but i cant post any pics cos my new camera and computer dont like each other


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                    have been doing a little and starting to gather together the bits and pieces so i can have a blarge this week when i'm off from my real work and try and get a head and maybe get enough good stuff to update my misi shop and be ready for the first craft fair about easter
                    while i knit i think




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                      aw snowgoose, i`m sure they will fall in love soon and you can show us your work, i`m sure it will be fab.
                      i have not done a thing as dd is still here and hubby is still off work, i have shown her the stuff she has not seen and tried half a dozen bracelets and necklaces on her but i`m not sure that has helped me as she is tiny, chains that should come just above the waist are almost to her thighs.!!
                      oh well back to normal next week, though things are never normal round here (thank goodness)


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                        Lots of research doodling art journal pages Zentangles and bind it all playtime for me...the temporary dining room is almost back to the craft room lol
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                          I'm also using this quiet period as research & thinking time as I promised myself a couple of months off but I've ordered some new dies from sizzix and I know as soon as they arrive everything will be hauled out of it's hiding place


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                            I am finishing two custom orders from my etsy shop from before Christmas but I did have couple of days without doing anything crafty...

                            I am so addicted that even on Christmas Day I had my crochet hook in hands (but I did not make anything for sale though )
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                              I've only made one mosaic piece since September, but I did move home on 1st October which rather put a stop to things.

                              I have been to college once a week though doing pottery and have finished a couple of bits there.

                              My one piece of mosaicing is a pig in pink roses pottery. Once he/she is grouted I will post a pic.

                              I have however, re-discovered crochet and have been sitting doing a lot of that whilst the children are off school.
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