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  • Farnham Networking Evening

    Can Do Can be are having a networking event (sorry Guy's for women) at the Farnham House Hotel (just outside Farnham surrey on the A31 towards Alton) on the 26th Jan, discussing how social networking can work for you and your business.

    The price is a bit steep, £10 in advance and £15 on the door, so being selective this year as to which events I go to, my fault should have gone last year.

    Are there any ladies out there in this area who are going?

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    Have you been before, Carlolee? I had a friend who got a lot of leads, then work, from something similar in Nottingham, but it is a lot of money if nothing comes of it.
    If you guys can stand my decor (I've decided to stop apologising for it's half DIY renovated, or not, state and call it shabby chic - the peeling wallpaper and many layered plaster look - I say unconvincingly, looking at the wire cables hanging down the walls of my kitchen like octupus tentacles) you are welcome to come round for a free conference, with tea and biscuits, unless we are all on a diet.
    I had the evil idea of us subbing one poor victim to go to pick their brains then report back. I've just looked at the date and it's the day before I fly to Chile, I might need to be packing......
    Unless we look at it as a crafter's knees up, a jolly. I mean I wouldn't baulk at paying £15 for the train fare into London to have a £10 meal and chinwag with friends, once a year.
    OK, I need to check out the timings (kids to pick up from stations etc as the whole family is going to Chile. It's my middle son's wedding.) and I'll say if you are going I'll go.


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      Ahhhh...... it's in the evening. 8pm to 9.20pm.
      And I misread the cost. It's £10 if you book 24 hours or more in advance.
      The £15 is for turning up at the last minute, which is what you said, Carolee. Sorry.


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        Have not been to this one before, kept on meaning to go over the past year when the cost was £5.00, she put the cost up this year but thought it is worth the trip and report back on here what was said etc.

        I agree that to start our own local network groups would be good fun, we also all seem to be in the crating world, the problem with some network groups I have been to is that as soon as you mention you craft, they look at you as if to say 'oh you don't have a proper job then' huh cheek but unless you do PR accounts etc, we appear to be the poor relations.

        Thought I would give this one a try as local and not very good a travelling distances, will let you all know, must admit would prefer a day time. I know there are others on here from Hampshire and Surrey so we may be able to meet for coffee one morning. If anyone is interested I will speak to our local country Market as they have a huge coffee area with comfy chairs etc, plus conferencing facilities and maybe book a meeting place. PM me is anyone wants to learn more and are prepared to commit.