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  • Thank you Secret Santa

    Sorry if a thread has already been started elsewhere but I had to take out time from my christmas celebrations to thank my Secret Santa for the lovely gift. It came wrapped in a little box and tied with christmas wool. Inside I found a lovely handmade christmas card. I was so busy admiring it that it wasn't till I tilted the box that a lovely necklace fell out. On the end of the necklace is a horse shoe shape and on the horse shoe shape are 3 beads of various sizes. I am wearing it today...... and when my new christmas camera is fully charged up I will use it to get a picture of it and post it on here.
    I absolutely love my present Thank you Secret Santa x

    note from BBD: Thank you for starting this thread. The secret santa giftee and recipient list will be published in a few days time!
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    Thank you Secret Santa from me to, a lovely necklace and pendant in a gold organza bag. In shades of brown just the right colours.


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      i would like to say a big thankyou to BBD for the hard work in getting all the prezzies to us and to my secret santa for the lovely little angel which is now on my tree and for the even better fairy (sorry if thats not the right title but my youngest says thats what she is now!!!) and is at the top of the tree - good job too as we had been sooooo busy we only had lights and a few baubles and now we look like a real christmas tree
      while i knit i think


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        Thank you to my Secret Santa for my lovely bag - at the moment I have my knitting in it but when I go back to school it will be my daily bag, I love it!


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          I'm glad I'm not the only one on here on Christmas day!

          Big Thanks to my Secret Santa (who I suspect is Si from Woodtattoos). At first I thought I had got a box of Crimbo lights, then I opened the box and a load of snow (polystyrene balls) came out, followed by some absolutely beautiful wooden decorations and a other lovely wooden goodies, including a keyring with a picture of my car on it which is just amazing!!!

          Thanks to BBD & Tip Top for organising this too.

          I hope everyone has had a good Christmas.

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            Thank you for my prezzie too Santa. A beautiful little tray and handmade card with Italian choccie too! Selina


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              Thank you to my Secret Santa, peggycrafts, for my lovely present, a soft decorated stocking which will defiantly be used next year and a lovely flower kit which my daughter wanted to make straight away!!!

              I hope you all had a wonderful day!


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                Big thanks to my Secret Santa, rhulme, for my gorgeous bath goodies. Such a wonderful mixture of aromas such as cranberry and mango, bath salts, shampoo soap and all in a cute little basket. Secondly an apolgy to the person i sent mine to because to the best of my knowledge it still hasn't arrived happily BBD organised an angel to come to the rescue. It was posted on 5th December and yesterday the PO told me that as it was now 15 working days since I posted I could initiate a compensation claim. Any money i get back will go to charity.


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                  secret santa

                  Thank you to my Secret Santa. I had lots of lovely surprises: a gorgeous brown/ cream bracelet, just my colours too! I love the festive magnets, how cute are they. The other mystery item smells divine, but I'm not sure whether to unwrap it from its wadding ?? Sorry to sound so ignorant!
                  Thank you very much to my Santa!
                  Helena XXX

                  I hope everyone has had a great day, I'm looking forward to my children going to bed so I can get out my beads!!


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                    A huge big thank you too to my SS - I got a fabulous necklace with a great chicken bead on it (it's much nicer than I am describing it!!) that came with matching earrings and a matching keyring too. Thank you to BBD too for organising it all

                    Photo's later .......
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                      Firstly, may I add huge thanks to BBD for doing such a great job in organising this years Secret Santa - well done and thank you!!

                      And may I also say a big thank you to my Secret Santa, Tip top for a wonderful selection of cardmaking goodies, I can't wait to get started with those, thanks a lot


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                        Thanks to BBD for organising and thanks to my Secret Santa for a lovely beaded bookmark
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                          A huge thanks to my secret santa, for my gorgeous necklace, I really love it and it went perfectly with the earrings I had made to wear today, you must have been psychic. I have been wearing it since I opened it, after lunch.

                          Thanks yet again to BBD for co-ordinating all of this

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                            Thank You to my Secret Santa for the beautiful silver and black magnetic bracelet. Just perfect and just the colours I like to wear.

                            Hope everyone had a nice Christmas day and enjoy the rest of the festive season.

                            Thanks again to BBD and Tip for organizing this.

                            All the best
                            Janice x


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                              well I'd like to say thatnks to tip top for her encouragement and assistance with the mountain of PM's

                              Thank you to my SS for the wonderful smelling bath and oil products. can't wait to use them.
                              Also to thank my other SS for the lovely turquoise necklace.
                              Both are appreciated (and loved!)
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