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  • How much do you make through your website

    Hi! I am planning to put up a website. Does it help? How much can one expect to sell? do people to whom one has sold craft items in shows etc actually order through websites, may be at a later date? How much can one expect to sell on sites such as dwanda, esty etc?

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    We've had our website up for around a year but have sold very little to be honest. i need to give it an overhaul early next year but it does get a fair share of visitors so at least our work is being seen.


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      I use the website at the moment for a stepping stone and I think it loks professional to have a www presence. As for the shopping sites have never sold anything on them, I think you have to work at it quite hard and I decided I would rather work hard at my own outlets that way I had more control over what I did and where.

      I am relaunching next year with a lot of new products so here's hoping.

      Good Luck


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        I have had very few sales come thru my web site alone but I give out my business cards at craft fairs with my site details on & had many enquires from them via my website which have led to custom orders & I think it gives a much more professional image to have one.


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          The majority of my sales come direct from my website. It's taken me over three years to get it established and still needs a good deal of work on it but time is not kind to me!

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            I launched at the end of September and I have had about 10 orders though my site, but they have all been large orders of several items at a time, which is good. I agree that you need to give out your card with details on at fairs as I too have had some follow up from that, in fact I just got some flyers printed and plan to give MASSES out in the new year.




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              Most of my sales come through my website and from related places that I "advertise" on (not paid for - all free advertising)

              Just putting a website up will not get you lots more sales in itself - you need to promote it, just because a website is there doesn't mean everyone suddenly knows about you's still the same slog to get your name known iyswim. However, what it will do is give people a place to buy your products that is hopefully straightforward and easily available - that will encourage sales.

              I will say I get a lot more sales through my site than I do from Folksy, etc - that could be because I promote my store more though. Not sure how it would be if I only had a store on Folksy etc.

              I've had people who picked up cards at fairs then order from my website.




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                Many thanks

                Thank you for the feedback. I have decided to go with one. May not generate sales in the beginning but may be help the business in many other ways.

                My best wishes to everyone here for the coming year.



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                  I mainly only sell via my website(sometimes sell to friends).My record in one day is making £120!!Then again I can go for months without selling anything.
                  but I thin kits great to have a website as if people hear of your business they can just go to the site at their own leisure and see what you do/sell etc.


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                    Thats great

                    I notice that many crafters are doing good through websites. Though, selling craft on ebay does not sound attractive to me, but does it help? thanks and merry Xmas to everyone!!


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                      personally i sell more through ebay than from my own site. i think sometimes people are happier to buy through a well known site like ebay that they are familiar with rather than a new (to them!) website. Also with ebay you are reaching a larger audience quickly.
                      I agree with earlier comments that having an online presence helps to look professional.
                      I also receive enquries thorugh my website that often lead to sales later...


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                        I agree with Elzi.

                        I have an eBay shop and a separate web site/shop. My prices on eBay are more expensive to cover the selling fees but this doesn't seem to put people off.

                        When I ship an eBay order, I put a flyer in telling them about the cheaper prices available direct from my website. I have converted a couple of eBay customers this way.

                        I am going to to do the parallel thing for a while to see which is more successful - I hate having to use eBay, but they spend the money on advertising instead of me and I do get more business through them at the moment.

                        Hope this helps...

                        Happy Christmas (and Crafting) to all!


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                          Originally posted by mir View Post
                          Hi! I am planning to put up a website. Does it help? How much can one expect to sell? do people to whom one has sold craft items in shows etc actually order through websites, may be at a later date? How much can one expect to sell on sites such as dwanda, esty etc?
                          Although I don't actually sell crafted items online myself (yet - if anyone might be interested in buying homemade truffles, let me know, as I'm strongly tempted to put those online, based on family feedback!), I thought I'd give a bit of statistical input.

                          Please note, though, that 95% of all statistics are rubbish!

                          Most people who "work" in eCommerce (developers, et al), will quote an "average conversion rate" of approximately 3% - in my experience this varies wildly depending on the niche you are in, and I think for crafts, it is probably somewhat lower - although I would also suspect that the spend-per-head might be higher.

                          That aside, lets assume that you convert at 3% - this means that 3% of the unique visitors to your site buy something (I can point to shops with far better, and far worse rates - this is really no more than a wet-finger-in-the-breeze number).

                          So if you managed to build your site up to get 100 unique visitors a day, you might expect to sell 3 items. Depending on exactly what you sell, and how much time and effort you put in, it could take a while to build up to 100 visitors per day!

                          Please do not let me put you off - far from it - I believe that eCommerce is the future for small businesses! But, it is going to take a lot of hard work, and a lot of time to build up - as with any venture.

                          Stick at it. Be determined. Never give up.

                          You'll get there!

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                            Many Thanks

                            Thank u so much Matt and everyone else for the valuable guidance. It is indeed helpful. I will follow your suggestions and try and make the best out of internet presence. All the responses have really encouraged me to put up a suitable website and find an appropriate strategy for online marketing. I never actually thought of having a marketing strategy for sales through website. But now i strongly feel that one is necessary and it can certainly fulfill several purposes including actual sales, getting information about products across to your customers as well as attract new customers who otherwise would not know about your products. I am all on go to work hard and be patient at the same time.

                            Meanwhile, i hope that everyone is having a great Christmas and my best wishes to each one for the new year.