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Need last minute christmas presents

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  • Need last minute christmas presents


    I know I'm leaving this a bit late but I have no idea what I#m getting my boyfriend for Christmas so

    1) any ideas for someone who just buys anything they want

    2) anyone make anything suitable for purchase that could go in the post today?
    starting to panic...


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    I really wish to advise you something but I am in similar panicky situation
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      I will be watching this thread with interest as I haven't done any shopping either. First my son was off sick, then I got sick, the got sick again and now I am back on double dose antibiotics so haven't had the chance or enthusiasm to do much of anything. My DH buys stuff as and when he wants it and is big into boys toys but I am stumped. My DS wants me to buy him Guitar Hero for the Wii but I think he might just be wanting that for himself!!


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        I thgouth about getting mario cart for the wii but I think I would want it as much as him! Or the new snowboard game but again...


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          Don't you find men sooooo much more difficult to buy for than women!!

          Sorry - that wasn't much help was it
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            def - he's a nightmare to buy for! Anythign I can ever think of is really something I want. I guess it will be socks and a jumper again!


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              latest batch of polymer clay cufflinks.
              full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                They're much? Only prob is that my boyfriend doesn't need to wear cufflinks much but I am desperate...


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                  How about ipod touch or a blackberry, ipod nano or shuffle (mine already has all those and iphone) or Wii fit?


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                    I think Amazon is still taking orders! Books, dvd's etc!!
                    Men are awful to buy for!!
                    Does he support a football team??
                    Maybe something along those lines.



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                      I have the same problem every year with the men in my family - you ask them what they want and they always reply with "I don't want anything" whihc makes it so hard. If they didnt get anything they wouldnt be happy though!!!!!.

                      The old favourites are usually CD's, DVD's, aftershave, shirt, tie, shoes etc...

                      good luck.
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                        Last year my sister bought me a care package for a farm animal from Oxfam Unwrapped.
                        There's also Present Aid for ethical gifts and you don't even have to leave the house to go shopping.
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                          I've given up asking mine and just do him a box into which I put edible/quaffable bits and bobs that I buy as I see them - wine, beer, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, etc. He buys those for himself all year round but still seems happy to have a boxful of stuff to go at!



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                            I've used Oxfam unwrapped at home and we've raised money for it at school too. For the person who has everything there's also

                            Kiva is an organisation that connects you with people who need loans to work themselves out of poverty. You choose from the website who you want to help and they get the loan when the full amount is raised. They then start to pay it back over an agreed timescale. When the money is repaid you can take it out of the system, donate it to Kiva or relend it and start again! I am a Kiva lender and have given my children certificates for Christmas. The school I work in has used some of the money from the Christmas panto to make 8 $25 loans to people chosen by the pupils who are keenly watching to see progress happening.



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                              I find it the other way around women are such a pain to buy for, cant buy clothes because it would probably be the wrong colour or style, cant buy chockies because of the calories, good thing is I know wendy likes the style of jewellery I make so I have to take the opportunity when she's watching the soaps to get something made for her