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    I had to go to the local small town this morning for an appointment. On the way back to the car I called into the (very tiny) Sally Anna's (Salvation Army) charity sales and coffee shop.

    The charity shop side is about as big as a large lounge in an ordinary house, but right inside the door was one of those flexible/springloaded type laundry baskets - containing 10 cones of knitting wool in mostly quite nice colours. There was also one of those wire wastepaper baskets full of odds and ends of knitting yarn. The cones were priced at 50p each and the odds and ends at 10p each!!!!!! Couldn't believe it as usually anything like that is snapped up straight away. They totted it up and said I could have it all for £5.50. So, I bought the lot plus a skirt for me, some hankies for OH (who refuses to use tissues) and a bag of Christmas baubles - all for £8.60.

    I make loads of stuff out of this sort of yarn and thread then sell it to raise money for local charities, so I can now make shawls, scarves, bags, hats, pet blankets, stuffed toys and goodness knows what and most of the money I take on the sales will go to charity.

    The baubles I can use as the inside of some crocheted decorations for which I found a pattern recently. They'll be going on the stall next year when I do Christmas fairs.

    Keeps me happy and occupied without costing me a fortune in materials and tools.


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    Well done! I'm going to trawl the local charity shops now to see what I can find!
    Gail x

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      Well, concidering that most of your profits go to charity anyway......... i think it was good karma and that it was ment to be.


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        well spotted, I'm often looking through charity shops for old jewellery to repair or strip for parts


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          ooh well done you, bargain buys give the best buzz and you'll have supported 2 charities as well.

          I love charity shops but sometimes they can overprice themselves which is a shame
          Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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            I love charity shops and have some smashing bargains!! I totally agree with Beckyboo though, some of them have items more expensive than new!!!

            I got a stack of wool from an attic sale, but have yet to use it!!



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              It's great when you just happen upon a bargain like that isn't it

              It's ages since I've had a good old rummage around charity shops.


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                I'm a big fan of charity shops but have never seen any wool for sale, when I mentioned this to a friend of mine she said always ask as they often keep it in the back. She got a bin bag full of odd balls for a fiver.
                I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                  OOH what a good day for you!!!! Post some of your makes when you use all the stuff!!! Sue xx