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  • did you get into crafting???

    After I replied to a message on here yesterday it got me thinking, I can't actually remember just how I started, so i decided to trawl my rather foggy memory and thought it might be fun for others to do the same
    As a girl, i always enjoyed cutting up pieces of paper,mum used to curse me for it i'm sure, I loved writing poems, a knack i seem to have got from my late Gran who had a whole book of poetry published. I very clearly remember spending days drawing this pic of Mickey Mouse when I was about 11 for a birthday card for my cousin (it was rubbish but I was really proud of it!),I can even remember when I was probably about 9 or 10 making this 'book' about "Perdita the pin thin girl" (would probably get slaughtered for not being 'pc' now!" and standing up and reading at the front of the class.
    I left home at 18, having had my first child at 16, was going stir crazy and getting quite depressed while my oH was at uni during the day, and was bought this great book with instructions on how to make jewellery, plus a whole load of earwires beads etc. So it all started!
    When I was 20 my second son was very sadly stillborn and then the poetry spilt forth, lots and lots of it, plus getting into cross stitch as a therapeutic switch off mechanism while trying to cope with life.
    The story carries on and on lol but bascially I got properly back into it when I made friends with another crafty type at floristry college, 5 years ago and I've never looked back. These days it is still therapy as I have a nearly 11 year old on the autistic spectrum and it helps me to escape-my plan this year is to get him into it (he has been bought a cuttlekidz machine for his birthday!) as I think it will be a great source of therapy for him too.
    I'm sure there must be another thread on here like this but I couldn't find anything, would love to hear all your stories
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    I've been cutting things up and sticking things down as far back as I can remember, drawing too.
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      I come from a long line of crafters and artists, my Grandmother did crochet, knitting, sewing and tatting. A great Aunt was a dressmaker for Royalty another Aunt was a milliner. My grandfather was a cabinet maker and my father an architect and builder.

      I grew up in a house where my Mother used to paint and sew so have learned at an early age. always got encouragement to follow anything creative as my parents thought this was better than doing nothing, 'Idle hands and all that'


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        Apparently I enjoyed painting when I was little. Took up the quilling after seeing it at a local church fete and then getting a kit for Christmas (lots and lots of years ago!). I try not to dabble in too many crafts as I end up with too many crafty bits I don't know what to do with!
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          My mum has photos of me aged about 5 or 6 with piles of clay dug out of the garden, (where we lived 6" down from the topsoil was really good clay, even fired some at a later age in a home made clay kiln) making all sorts of animals etc


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            I have always loved art and crafts for as long as I can remember, but i think my passion really started to flare up during my time in college when I took a GNVQ in art and design and then went on to complete my A levels in art and graphics...sadly after that I lost touch of my creativity, but found it again when I started cross stitching, which at the time was a completely new craft and from there I made cross stitch cards for friends and family and then I started enjoying paper crafts such as card making scrap booking, etc....I am looking forward to one day having my very own craft room from which I can put my hands in to a lot more pies and teach myself some different crafts.


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              I don't know where my creativity comes from.

              I loved art at school, but couldn't carry it on because I had to take other (boring) subjects. I used to be in a brass band as well (for five years) so there is obviously something in me. My uncle played in the band, my grandfather loved the old bands.

              My sister also crafts and loves to paint and draw - she very good.

              Neither my mum or dad were arty farty - so I really don't know where it comes from.

              My dad left the army and became a thatcher - and a very good one at that.

              I've always loved making and doing, now I do it for a living and I love it.
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                I have always been quite ceative and loved Art at school. I studied it through to A level but wasn't ever outstanding at it, I just enjoyed it, especially the use of colour.

                Two years ago I had the idea of making a mirror for a friend fo Christmas. I went on the intenet and searched for mosaic tiles to match he bedoom colours, which she had just decorated. I didn't know how to do it, I just bought the materials I thought I would need and made it!

                My friend still has the mirror in her bedroom and it's funny to see it now as I have really developed my style and techniques since I made it.

                I think I have a lot further to go with my mosaics but so far haven't had the time to experiment any moe than I have done so far. Hopefully I will be able to do this a little moe next yea though .
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