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  • Stop Buying My Stuff!!!

    Im really freaking out that im not going to have enough stuff for this fair. Really i am. So it doesnt help that iv just sold -

    2 x earrings
    1 x bracelet
    2 x pendants

    Love that people are buying stuff, hate that my fair stock is going down!
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    Don't worry, you'll be fine. Let the sales keep rolling in and you can always make your stall more festive if you start to feel concerned about a lack of stock. I'd rather have the money in my pocket at the earliest opportunity however the customer buys it!

    Best of luck,

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      thats a great idea from elaine - get one of those tiny trees from poundland and hang a few odd beads from it to look like baubles. also stick a few bits of tinsel around or some other christmassy things to fill up any gaps you have. . . . thats not to say that you're allowed to take things easy - keep crafting cos the more you make, the more you have to sell.

      BTW - congrats on the sales.

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        all right all right stop it you show off
        i just did a fair and it was sooo quiet i had hardly any customers and sold hardly any stock so now im lumbered with it until next year. Id have loved to have sold things before the fair HUGE SIGH
        Happy for you though!!
        Lady Lora


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          I bet il get there and not sell even a bead! High expectations eh!

          Xmas tree is a good plan. I have tinsel and i am going to bring fairy lights if im allowed to put them up.

          Iv made a very cool copper set to make up for the set that was sold. I actually hadnt sold anything in a couple of weeks and all of a sudden 2 people bought stuff on same night.
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            What a lovely problem to have!

            It happened to me last week - all my best bags suddenly sold - 'Great' I thought, then realised that I still had 3 days of fairs to do and those bags were the centrepiece of my stall. Cue panic sewing session!
            Cathy xx
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              Definitely go with the Christmas trees - I've had bright little fairy lights and little crystally trees on my stall at events recently and customers (and other stallholders!) have really liked them. Only problem is they keep trying to buy them .
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