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Help, Need To Buy A Sewing Machine

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  • Help, Need To Buy A Sewing Machine

    Hi Everyone, I was hoping that someone on this wonderful forum could help me out in my time of need. As may of us will be doing, im trying to get my xmas shopping done, the problem im having is Im looking for a sewing machine for a beginner. My 16 year old son is passionate about fashion design and now wants his own sewing machine. He has a basic knowledge of sewing machines, as does his mum :-) To say using a sewing machine is a weak point of mine is a little bit of an understatement, so what i was looking for was an idiot proof sewing machine, because when he gets stuck he WILL come shouting on mum. I was hoping that someone could give me some idea of where to start looking or maybe a good machine for beginners. Im not looking to spend lots of money but im sure i could get something, somewhere for about £50+.
    Hope that 1 of the wonderful. clever people on here can offer me some advice.
    I look forward to hearing from anyone

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    we bought a Joy sewing machine partly because the price but also because it was the same one they used in the school, it is quite well equiped obviously it doesnt do some of the functions the top of the range models do but you get what you pay for.


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      I have a toyota which I am very pleased with, It's one of those with a dial in the front to switch to all the different stitches. My mum recently bought a cheap one from Lidl for around £40 and it's almost the same as mine. She really likes hers and she trained as a seamstress so she knows her machines.
      They have one on offer at Aldi at the moment for £38. It's a bit differnt from the Lidl one but has a 3 year warranty.



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        Netto have some on offer at a ridiculously cheap price - i just recycled the leaflet so forgot the details but well worth checking out
        Chris xx
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          Well, if you don't mind a second hand one for him to have a play about on, I have a Jones + table going free. It is the one that I got for my 16th birthday for pretty much the same reasons as your son! It is still in good working order but the table is pretty tatty. I have the original instruction booklet and all accessories looking for a new home too. I have bought one of the more compact ones that everyone seems to go for nowadays. I see that you live in EK too.
          Let me know if you are interested.


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            Id have a look in John Lewis, they have a basic sewing machine for £100 (more than you wanted to spend but thought its worth mentioning)and I think most of their machines come with a 3 year guarantee so if it breaks it will be repaired instead of having to fork out for another one.
            Also Id go for one that has a zig zag feature of at least something that could do the job of an overlocker, also a button hole feature.


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              This company are great - I'm in the process of buying my secong machine from them at the moment. Helpful, personal service if you need help, long guarentees, often next day delivery included in price.
              This is their cheapest machine, but they do a good range of machines under £100.
              Cathy xx
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                Here's a decent machine for a decent price, and some great freebies with it £120.00 worth - can't be bad! Pluse free extended warranty, free next day delivery etc.
                Gail x

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