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I just tried to register with HMRC....

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  • I just tried to register with HMRC....

    ...but i couldnt! They took all my details and then asked for my address. They said the current one wasnt on their records. Before i moved in with OH i was a student and moved flat every year for 4 years!! Before that i was at college and lived at 2 addresses, before that i lived at home and my parents moved a total of about 4 times as i was growing up.

    So i went through all my Edinburgh addresses and they wernt right i went through a coiuple more when the guy stopped me and said that was the right one. This was a house my parents lived in for 4 years when i was about 15!! And because i couldnt remember the postcode i couldnt register!

    So they are sending the forms out for me and i need to find my very old postcode. Think il need to ask the parents it. Hope they remember!
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    The Royal Mail website has a Post Code Finder.
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      Well, after 3 years of living here I decided to get myself on the electoral roll........ then get called for jury duty 4 weeks later!

      No wonder I have been going incognito for so many years!