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I'm going to try and make a load of 'Last Things'

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  • I'm going to try and make a load of 'Last Things'

    At virtually every craft fair I have attended this year I have sold the 'last thing' I made the day before. So I am going to try and make a whole load of 'last things' ready for my last fair before xmas next Sunday. They have been at different venues and with different people attending so It's not just them getting bored of seeing the same stuff on my stall.
    These 'last things' are usually strung necklaces or bracelets that I put together cos I don't have a lot of them, I need something new and have been looking at ( and stroking) the beads in my stash for too long.
    Although I am quite good at wire work and can do silver-smithing I find it really hard to do 'just stringing' I hate following a pattern or copying as I want my stuff to be different, but I find it very hard to do the random or asymmetric designs I like, and I hate it when bead colours don't match exactly, though I know that most people wouldn't even notice. so it's a constant battle for me.
    Does anyone else find this?

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    I think what you have is called perfectionism and artistic eye. I know I am more critical of everything I look at now because I make things. As you say most people dont notice the little imperfections, but if thats the way we are, it cant be helped!

    Good luck with all the last things, hope you do really well
    Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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      I find that most people who make crafts are extremely critical of the crafts they make! I can point out tiny flaws to others in my smithing who look at me like I'm a fool, then a week later will be worrying over similarly tiny flaws!

      It's good to look for perfection, I think, as long as you accept it's rarely if ever found. You can only do your best and as long as you're true to that then you shouldn't go far wrong.

      Hope the last minute items carry on doing you proud!


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        I know what you mean about selling the 'last thing'! I crochet hats while at craft fairs to pass the time if it's quiet - can guarentee I'll finish one, put it on the stall and it will go within minutes
        Cathy xx
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          "simple Stringing" cheeky! Stringing is not simple!

          Most of my time goes into sourcing unusual beads which I use in my stringing. I sometimes have beads for months before I can figure out what I am going to do with them

          I think in order to make your stall look interesting at a craft fair you have to have many different "simple strung" necklaces with different textures and colours.

          I was teaching a few friends to make jewellery on Friday night and they put beads together in combinations I would never even have thought of, it was amazing what they came up with.

          So don't belittle stringing, there is a lot of value in it!

          that's you told

          <Pebbles skulks away hoping she was not too mean >


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            maybe the thought that goes into the stringing is a lot,deciding combinations and what colours match. But i agree with silvermaid the actual stringing bit is easy, (and boring if i can be so bold without getting shouted at). I hate going to fairs and seeing nothing on jewellery stalls but striung beads on elastic, not a lot of effort it seems.


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              Sorry Pebbles, I probably used the wrong phrase there, I didn't mean that 'stringing' was simple or for idiots or anything ( although the basic method is reasonably easy) what I meant was that rather than have all wired pendants on a thong or chain I need more necklaces and bracelets with all beads but I find it really hard to get the balance and the colours right. I see loads of others work that looks really good but whenever I try it just looks wrong and I don't want to copy anyone. I have tried just using one colour with black or cream and it looks boring and I want my jewellery to be a bit different. But if I try and combine more colours it just doesn't look right to me, especially if the shades don't match exactly.
              So I don't think stringing is simple at all because I find it really hard and I do admire others that can put combinations together that look great. I just wish I could do the same.
              Does that make it a bit clearer?



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                I know exactly what you mean Melanie! I very rarely do necklaces of all beads as they never seem to look right. I do make beaded bracelets and they always sell well so I think its just me being over critical. I have now done a few chunky beaded necklaces using up various beads left over from things and thy look OK I think. Well, hubbys friend thought so, he bought one yesterday afternoon for his wife and I had only just finished making it! Selina


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                  I always find that my last minute items are the first to go too!!!
                  full time mum and very very part time crafter.