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do you ever feel like this ?

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  • do you ever feel like this ?

    I think its because I'm not well but at the moment I just can't be bothered with anything
    I've got orders to get ready and I just feel like e.mailing them and saying I'm not doing them !! I would never do that but I just feel sooooooooooo tired
    I'm supposed to be making a card for a first christmas with a particular sticker that the lady has chosen and I just can't do it
    Paul is going to have a go tomorrow but I just want to sit down and do nothing and I know I can't
    fingers crossed I'll feel better soon and be back to normal as I hate feeling like this

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    Oh dear, sounds like you've got the lurgy too, most of us have had it. I went to bed with a beechams, a hot drink and a waterbottle - and stayed there for four days! Get well soon.

    Gail x

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      Its definitely no fun when you're feeling off colour. If your OH can manage the orders for a few days then let him so you can take time out to recharge your batteries.

      Hope you're feeling better soon.

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        I feel like that about housework all the time!!!! Hope you feel better soon lovey! Spoil yourself!! Sue xx


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          yes, i do sometimes feel like that. Infact i do now, so i just has a lemsip but im going mad trying to find beads for a commission i have.


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            A good nights sleep can often work wonders. If you're tired it can really put a dampener on your motivation. Chin up

            Doing nothing is harder than it looks!
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              That'd be one of the stress 'vicious circles': being ill stresses you, as does having something to do. Being ill stops you doing the thing you've got to do, and stresses you more. So you have to break the circle by giving yourself permission to be ill, then get on with being ill properly with lots of water, sleep and no stress so that you give your body the best chance to win its battle quickly. Then you'll get back on your feet more quickly and be able to get on without being stressed. If it's a deadline you think you can't meet, you just have to be realistic and accept that it may not be met, but don't let it stress you or it will definitely not be met!
              best wishes!
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                Hope you're feeling better soon. Try to get some rest and recharge if you can.
                Helena xx


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                  Both having too much too do, and too little to do can make you feel tired, stressed, de-motivated or even depressed, put this with being ill and it's easy to see why you feel so tired.

                  Sounds like you need a times like this it's often someone around you who gives a helping hand that helps lift things

                  Take care of yourself

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                    Get well soon Sunrise. I've felt cruddy for a couple of weeks too, when usually I kick a cold within a few days. Lemsips, hot drinks, pair of fluffy socks and a huggy dressing gown in bed does the trick for me Hope you feel better soon
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                      You poor, poor thing, there seems to be so much of it about at the moment and it seems to be lingering for longer, what with tummy bugs, colds, sore throats etc I dont think you stand a chance of staying well.

                      Hope you feel better very soon, wrap up and try to relax, I know it's hard but sometimes you just have to stop and let things go.

                      Healing thoughts to you.

                      Best wishes and (((hugs))))
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                        I hope you feel better soon xxx

                        Just get some rest Im sure you will feel much better in a day or so
                        Ren x
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                          Hope you're feeling better soon Sunrise Have plenty of rest



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                            please explain
                            what is this 'rest ' word you keep using ??? lol
                            still feel a bit yukky but I'm getting there, my cough is a lot better
                            but have got on top of a lot of orders so feel happier
                            mind you got my last order finished yesterday and 2 more arrived today
                            remind me of this when I'm moaning in January that I haven't made any sales lol