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  • Chain Q again

    Being that il have a lot more pendants than necklaces for sale at this craft fair should i bring a fair stock of chains?

    I dont really want to start buying loads of sterling silver chains though as they cost a bomb and i need the money for other things. Would silver plated ones be enough? Or should i offer free thongs or something with the pendants. Only thing with that is that they dont quite go with my stuff.
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    I carry a selection of sp / gp chains in various sizes and usually a couple of 16" /18" and 20" in SS. Ususally people want the SP. (but that's just my customers, yours may be different)
    I also have a selection of thongs in various colours and sizes. I think the clients actually like to choose how to present the [endants/ thong/chains. Some people even buy a chain and a thong to give variety.
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      Yep I do the same as BBD, give them a choice

      Also I sell the pendants on their own, some people don't need a necklace for them


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        people can somtimes be put off buying a pendant they like because the cost with a ss chain puts it beyond their reach. most people have a chain they can use, but it is good to have the option for those that want it maybe as a gift. so you could have a small selection for them.
        not that i have sold any just a thought as a buyer


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          I tend to sell my pendants on a leather/cotton thong or silk ribbon, with the option of an upgrade to a ss chain.

          With the thongs, I keep a stock with one end unfinished so the customer can have exactly the length they want, which seems a popular option.


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            I think il bring a couple of SS chains in all different sizes. I think il go by the number of pendants i actuially make! I seem to be making more SP but only because i have the wire handy. Im ordering the SS wire so will make more SS stuff.
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              I usually have a few sterling chains in stock 18" and 16" but I have only sold one sterling chain in the last 6 months. Most people are happy with a thong which I have made up in a variety of colours to match my pendants. As well as the faux suede I have some leather thong in black, cream and silver which goes with most things.
              I tell people that they get a 'free' thong although the cost is added into the price of the pendant. If they want a sterling chain I add that onto the pendant price.
              I also display pendants on both and if they want one of the others I just swap the pendants over while they wait.