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Ah Palmer Metals are so annoying!

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  • Ah Palmer Metals are so annoying!

    Arrrg! Im a bit peeved to say the least! I ordered a load of stuff (£30 worth, not a huge amount) from Palmers at the start of the week, Tuesday i think. I was expecting them on Friday at the earliest but didnt get it today, so thought fine il get them tomorrow.

    Iv just received an email saying its just been dispatched today!!!! I ordered them 4 days ago!! So the wont get here until Monday at least. I have stuff to make for orders that i said i would send off today or tomorrow. Palmers are usually so reliable!

    Not only that but when i ordered the stuff online i realised i forgot to order backs for the studs. So i called up and said can i add 4 backs to the order please. They said yup thats done and fine.

    Dispatch notice says they arnt in with the stuff! So they didnt add them on. So it'l be another blimmin week until i get the backs for the studs i have to send off today!

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    I feel your annoyance and you have my every sympathy.I hate having to wait for stuff.
    I dont mean to knock people who run sites like that but it makes you wonder what their system is in order for it to take so long.

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      Im going into Edinburgher tomorrow to wander the German market (love that place) so i might go to the usual places and try and find 9 carat gold stud backs.....

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        It wont just be Palmers, the VAT changes on 1st Dec, so none is ordering, now you would think that would make things faster, but all it means is that they will take staff off those jobs to do others maybe leaving 1 person to mess it all up.
        Come 1st Dec there will be a flood of backorders, and delays


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          Having the same issues with clockparts at the mo. Thought it was because everyone is making Christmas preasents this year instead of buying them.
          Doesn't help me get orders out tho