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    Hi all - long time no hello! (again, sorry!)

    I had a wander round a local craft fair this afternoon, its one I have been to a couple of times but every time it is exactly the same and there is not much actual 'craft' stuff compared to things like air purifyers, massage chairs, factory made barber coats etc etc. I keep giving it a chance but its always the same and it really annoys me!

    Its a fairly big and well advertised fair but there was literally one card stand (which wasnt all cards) and with no xmas cards. A couple of jewellery stands and not much else!

    I kind of felt like I paid £5 to get in just to have a cup of tea lol

    Anyone else get annoyed at craft fairs with lots of non craft stands?

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    Yes I do, why advertise it as a craft fair if really it's a gift fair or table top sale. I think I would feel rather cheated aswell. Also £5 to get in seems a little steep, I have only paid this sort of money for a huge fair (200+ stalls) and that was a real craft fair. Normally the entrance fee is around 50p-£1 if anything
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      our local craft fair is in the winter gardens this weekend last one wasn't bad there was a couple of small cottage industries and local artists but mainly it was small home working crafters, some were really good


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        I have only ever paid £5 to get into a bead show or the creative crafts show. What a rip off. I'm sure it must affect their trade.
        We go to the Honiton show every year and I usually split up from DH for an hour or so, he goes round the tractors and I go to the craft tent and the local business association tents.
        This year I went round both in 1/2 hour. The majority of stuff - especially jewellery - in the craft tent was bought in or sold as 'fair trade' stuff from india/africa etc. The business assn. tent had far less handcrafted stuff than usual and was more businesses like Usborne books, water purifiers, and humidifiers.



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          I was asked to do a craft fair a few weeks ago, and when I got there, everything was local shops! I think there was a card stall and that was about it
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            Originally posted by silvermaid View Post
            The majority of stuff - especially jewellery - in the craft tent was bought in or sold as 'fair trade' stuff from india/africa etc.
            I've been seeing this more and more and would love to know what sort of checks are done to verify that their fair trade claims are true. Maybe I'm just too cynical for my own good .
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              I agree with all of the above, I think the problem is that crafters have not made their rent let alone any profit so have not booked this year, consequently the organisers have accepted bought in goods. This is fine if advertised as a 'Christmas Fair' as the one I did on Saturday, as I know it always includes charity stalls I use this as a cheap form of advertising but must admit that when stalls are selling cheap it makes it more difficult for those of us that make for a living.

              I did meet some other crafters and exchanged business cards with a view to having a fair of our own and making it a pamper and shopping event next year.