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    I recently joined folksy and created a shop to try and sell some of my stuff ( mainly prints of illustrations) I am considering joining etsy too. I'm just wondering if anyone has got a shop with both and if so what do you think of them?how well do you do and would you say it's a good idea to join folksy too?


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    We have a web site or I should say we've registered our domain name we will have a web site when our web builder gets his finger out. untill then I'm happy to just tick over with our local trade of people who know about us. We have our regulars so untill Wendy suggested getting a web shop we didn't really bother with folksy or etsy and definately would not get an ebay shop


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      I have both, only started listing in the ast week or two and so far have sold nothing! Also have a website which mainly gets traffic from here but has juts started getting a few hits from google. Again no sales so far but never mind!

      I dont think it can hurt to have all three, you only pay for the listing with etsy and folksy unless you sell something so you cant lose much!
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        I have both, and just set up a Misi shop too:

        I'm going to let my listings on Etsy expire as there's just too much jewellery on there for UK stuff not to get buried, but I consider Folksy and Misi to be good 'shop windows' even if I don't generate sales from there. Both drive traffic to my own website, and although it would be great to get some sales through them, the minimal outlay to list items means for the time being I'm just happy to have them as a way for people to find me. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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