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Recommended Photo Editing Software??

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  • Recommended Photo Editing Software??

    I think I've come to the conclusion, that my cards and photo Albums etc look best when photgraphed, rather than scanned (plus some can't be scanned), but my photographic skills are not that great

    Can anyone recommend a good (and fairly easy to use) photo editing software - I really want it to tidy up photo's, flood backgrounds, sharpen images etc..

    Thanks for any advice


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    Photo software

    Hi Stacey

    My OH is a professional photographer so I asked him. He said if you go onto Google and look for Picasa 2 it's a free download from Google and its really easy to use. Or you could try Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 which is an easy version of Photoshop it will do most of the things Photoshop will but in a simplified manner.

    Hope this helps

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      Picassa is OK. If you upload photos to Flickr, there is an online tool that does it, which Swirly uses.

      I use Bibble Pro for my real photography work, as it's a dedicated photograph editor rather than a glorified image editor that has been rebranded for use with photos.
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        I use GIMP on those rare occasions when I need to try and edit images or photos - it's not very novice friendly though, to my mind - but a good alternative when you need something similar to PhotoShop, but do not want to shell out a fortune!

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          I use Photoshop elements and have found this easy to use. Everything I use has to be easy otherwise I get bored.


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            IrFanView (free and easy) does a great job of resizing and saving files.
            You can crop, rotate, sharpen with an easily recognisable menu interface (many things that claim to be easy need you to learn their idea of an interface, which is sometimes a pain to users already used to Windows).
            It will also make simple panoramas, stitching photos together into one big one, and can be made to convert batches of images in whatever way you specify (e.g. resize a whole folder of files in one go).

            My favourite software that costs money (not much) is Xara which will let you do incredible things very simply. When it stitches panoramas together you can't see the seams even if the lighting and distortion was different between adjacent frames!
            Xara also lets you make your images 3D and do easy 3D text etc.
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              I also use GIMP, which is free but can be a little confusing for the first time user, but its a free alternative to photoshop, i use it for touching up my pics and making banners, logos, website buttons etc