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    Untill now i have always posted items in homemade gift boxes, but i dont think the price of the items cover the boxes aswell as everything else. Im thinking about adding a little option for customers to have their items gift boxed for extra cost, but dont know if this would work?

    How does everyone post their jewellery to customers? And do you offer any gift wrapping / box options and if so how much do you charge?

    Sorry about all the questions, just trying to get things right before selling to the public on a website.



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    I tend to send out in bubble lined envelopes (I try to reuse packaging as much as possible so it might have been one I've received from somewhere). Some items I have gift boxed but the price takes that into account. At fairs I have pillow boxes and gift boxes (from recycled card). I make a charge for these if anyone wants one for an item that doesn't come with one iyswim.

    Personally I would either add the cost of the box onto the price or have the gift box as an item on your website and put on each item that it's available iyswim.


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      I don't do internet sales but have the market stall and we regularly question ourselves about gift boxes.

      My theory is to look at the profit margin I'm making on a sale, or just look at the price of it. If either of these is high, then I will happily include the gift box free. I will also throw in free boxes/pouches when someone buys several items from me at the same time. Usually they will say that they only need 1 box for a gift as the other items are for themselves.

      If the sale was for say, a £5 item, then I usually ask if its for themselves or a gift for someone "cos we have a good selection of gift boxes and bags starting from as little as 50p". Most people will buy one if its for a gift.

      Back to your original question - I think you should work on the theory of if its a high priced item, then just include the box and state this on your listing. If I were to purchase a necklace set for say £20 - £30 or more, then I wouldn't expect it to arrive in a gripseal bag in a bubble envelope.

      If its an item of lesser value, then make sure the boxes are available to purchase separately and that you state it on your listings.

      You could also have a special offer whereby if a customer purchases more than a certain amount, then you'll include the boxes/pouches free.

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        Thanks Auntynet, great advise will be really helpfull


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          You can factor the cost of the box into the jewellery price, we use potters of London for our boxes, the quality is pretty good and you can buy in small quantities. We also have our logo on the box, which is a nice touch and helps to create brand awareness.