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What Kiln? please help...

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  • What Kiln? please help...

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help...i'm looking to buy a Kiln for my good lady wife for Xmas (romantic fool!) do some PMC and glass beads etc...nothing too industrial..
    I've been looking at Ebay but would appreciate i need a controller, should it have a window...which model is best..websites...etc
    Loooking to spend about £300 pounds...
    If i've posted this in the wrong thread... forgive me but i'm totally out of my depth..
    Many thanks in advance....Duncan

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    Hi, I would recommend you have a look at they have a great guide for kilns and also I think they are having a sale at the moment.

    Warm glass also offers supplies for all sorts of glass work.


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      If it's to anneal beads as well as fire PMC, then the best bet is probably a Paragon SC2 - but that's about double the money you're looking at I'm afraid. Unfortunately, prices have just gone up quite a bit because of the slip in the exchange rate.

      You can get a minikiln for pmc, or a beadcube for glass for less, but neither will do both jobs well.

      They do come up on ebay from time to time, but they're few and far between I'm afraid.

      Sorry not to be more helpful


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        I wish you were my husband!!!!!
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I agree with the earlier post - the Paragon SC2 was once recommended to me for smaller work. It does have a controller, but check out Warm Glass. If you phone them they are very helpful.

          Good luck - if you ever divorce........
          Take care

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            I'd go with a paragon SC2 as well. I hope to be buying one early next year to do exactly the things you have mentioned. Not cheap but probably the best 'all rounder' for glass, beads and PMC

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              you could try tempsford stained glass and if you ring them they are really helpful


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                There's an absolute bargain of a kiln on ebay at the moment - search for beadmaking ceramic digital kiln (sorry, can't post links yet).

                Otherwise, I have just found out that the beadcube from KilnCare will also do PMC - it's a fair bit cheaper than an SC2. Quite a bit smaller as well, but very good reports from everyone that's tried it so far.


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                  I dabbled with art clay silver a while back and got the "Prometheus Art Clay Silver Kiln" from Polymer Clay Pit ( - £325 incl VAT and delivery.

                  It's tiny wee, but worked just fine for acs jewellery and I had absolutely no problems with it

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