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  • WOuld like some help please


    I'm new to this site and am glad I've finally found somewhere to discuss crafts with fellow crafters; I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the following: We are in the process of setting up an internet shop selling an assortment of handmade (by me) products (website is under production) and were wondering whether it made sense to open an ebay shop aswell. I was wondering what you think as I have my doubts, there seem to be endless handmade products on ebay that never sell and I have experienced this myself. Therefore I was wondernig whether anyone has opened a handmade jewellery or crafts e-bay shop and what their business had been like as a result.

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Moog
    I have two websites of my sells my handmade cards and the other is where I sell my backing paper CD roms.
    I have an Ebay shop aswell but I only sell my Craft CD's on it as in my experience handmade cards sell very badly as you stated. My craft CD's are flying out so it really depends on the product I suppose.
    You may have already done this but you could try just watching items that other people have for sale on Ebay that are in the same vain as your items and see if they sell and for what price, that should give you an idea whether it is worth the effort and the money to start an Ebay shop.
    Hope that helps a little bit.
    Anice x
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      I would have to agree with the last post, to be honest in my experiance, hand made crafts don't really sell all that well on ebay, however it does depend on the type of craft and how unusual it is.

      It may be worth just advertising a copuple of your items first to see how they sell, before opening an online shop.

      Good Luck



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        Indeed it depends what you sell. Handmade cards and handmade jewellery = struggle. However supplies for both these crafts is fine. Look at similar items to what you want to sell and decide after.
        I use ebay more as a marketing tool than anything else, like a lot of other companies I suppose.

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          I have just opened a shop on a site called It was started in the US but, has quite a few international shops. It is a site dedicated to selling only handmade products.....

          It is free to set up shop and you only pay 10cents to list an item (for six months) and pay 3.5% of your sale to etsy....So, much cheaper that feebay! Currently it is undergoing a major transformation and fees are due to change but, I would strongly recommend having a nose!

          It has a really strong community and I've found them all to be really helpful and very friendly....Although I've only been open three weeks and am still waiting for a sale..............


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            I am currently setting up my shop on ebay, its been going only for a few days, i sell keepsake cards which are more unusual so in a few days i will let you know how i do.
            My ebay shop is called KarensKraftyBits CANT POST THE LINK YET AS I AM NEW ON HERE. But will do asap.
            Good luck in whatever you decide x


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              Ebay can be very hard work with hand made cards be careful you could find your listing fees and FVF end with Ebay earning more than you. If you decide to have your own website Ebay is a good tool to have to direct traffic to your site.

     is another good idea as it is set up just for handmade items but is still relativly new.


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                I agree-too much competition on Ebay. Ebay is for buying bargains, therefore you will not get a good price for what you sell. I only use it to advertize my website on.
                Etsy is good but it is hard to get that first sale. Lots of sellers there with no sales at all!


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                  When I started up I set up a shop on E-Bay and it was a great success, plus I got lots of leads through it too. But then E-Bay decided to increase the fees for shops and decrease exposure, and the effect was dramatic. So I closed the shop and opened my own website, I still keep a few things listed on E-Bay under standard listings, but mainly to drive traffic to my website, and I am as busy as ever so has luckily worked for me.

                  You have to seirously weight up what you are selling for on E-Bay as you haev to take into consideration the cost of your time, the materials, e-bays fees and paypal fees if that is how you accept payment, and a lot of people aren't willing to pay the proper rate for genuine, unique handcrafted items, they don;t appreciate the effort that goes into each piece unfortunately.
                  Jo x

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