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    Does anyone know where i can get scrap card for free? It doesnt need to be anything too thick, its just to make boxes from, that i can then cover in lovely paper. It needs to be no bigger than A4, it just seems stupid to pay for something thats going to be covered and probably thrown out. I used to use backing card from paper pack as this works great but i can no longer get hold of this now.

    Thanks for any reply


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    Hi, why dont you re-cycle your cereal boxes. if your worried about the pattern showing through the fabric/paper, just paint the box white.


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      I was just going to suggest using cereal boxes too - I use mine for the backs of my tags as I cover the fronts with reclaimed paper Or could try and find a scrapstore in your area - the card won't be free but will be very cheap.
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        die cutting and packaging


        I used to have the need of a die cutting and packaging company.

        When I visited the firm I saw skips full of off cuts of all sorts of card between 1mm & 3mm thick.

        Any packaging company will have off cuts, you might try one from your yellow pages, just a thought.

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          I make all my boxes for my jewellery from recycled cardboard from cereal and pizza boxes, well anything that comes in a box that's big enoug to cut up gets recycled. Once I've glued the liner inside the box and the printed paper on the outside no one would know what it was before I recycled it


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            Have you tried your local scrapstore? here is the link to find one in your area:
            I don't know where you are based so couldn't look it up.

            You pay an annual fee but can then fill a whole bin bag full of scrap for just a few pounds. Your local council may also have links if there isn't a branded scrapstore in your area (go to childcare/early years section and look for links).

            I used to pick up yoghurt pots, tiles for mosaic, yards of fabric, wood blanks, bottles, boxes etc. It depends on which companies use them. I got some fab bargains from body shop and Ikea once - just end of line stock they wanted to get rid of.

            Just watch out - they are addictive!

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              Thanks everyone, sadly there isnt any scrapstore near me, but i did find one online but P&P was £4.99 which seemed a bit scandalous to me.


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                Card can be heavy. If it is a flat rate postage make the most of it. My fav fabric site has a shop only 3 miles from me. They charge £4.99 flat rate the bus fare to get there and back would cost me that.
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