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Folksy vs Etsy

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  • Folksy vs Etsy

    I am just starting to think about selling online, and was wondering which sites people prefer. I know a load of people on the forum have pages on either Folksy or Etsy, or both. Which do you prefer??


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    I havent done folksy but i have an etsy.

    Etsy is cheap to list but you have to renew items to get exposure which costs again, jewellery category is saturated and so sales are slow. Theres a really good comunity forum ..but as a site its got a good long way to go before anyone could make a living selling things there. & &


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      I've been on etsy since january and am pleased with my sales, I've had 77. it's taken a while to get established and I only really sell my bracelets on there - other jewellery doesn't sell well for me

      i opened a folksy shop a couple of weeks ago and have had my 2nd sale tonight.


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        I have both a Folksy shop and an Etsy shop and both at the moment are very different. Folksy only caters to people in the UK at the moment as they don't offer international sales although it is hopefully coming in Feb. It's great to be able to offer a site that caters in pounds to your customers as I often get asked why my Etsy shop is in dollars and I'm in the UK. However Folksy isn't as established as Etsy at the moment but there are a lot of 'pushy' (not quite the right word) UK crafters on there who make sure that the Folksy team are constantly looking for new opportunities - and as such they are being featured in next months Elle magazine and have run competitions with big retailers in London etc. However you can't get away from the fact that Etsy is much bigger and much more well known than Folksy - and has a much bigger international audience. I have made more sales on Etsy than on Folksy but I have been on Etsy for much longer than Folksy. You also have to work at your shops rather than just letting them sit there - I try to list or relist once a day. Yes it does cost more to do this but it stops your listsings slipping down.

        I think that's all for the moment - shout if you need any more input. Oh and have you thought about Dawanda which is another online shop but based in Germany?
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